Zara Plaid Overshirt Trend


Zara Plaid Overshirt Trend 2020 | Temps d’un Café

Favourite new style for this season: Zara Plaid Overshirt Trend 2020 | Temps d’un Café

I am usually a huge fan of trendy items that are comfortable, oversized and soft. The Zara Plaid Overshirt Trend 2020 | Temps d’un Café honestly checks all the boxes. You can find the plaid overshirts in different colours, shape and can also include a beautiful belt for the classier girl. Zara has been SO generous with this trend in stores and I couldn’t be happier.

Zara Plaid Overshirt Trend 2020

Zara Plaid Overshirt Trend 2020 | Temps d'un Café

My new favourite trend at Zara: The overshirt

If you have been to Zara recently, you’ve probably noticed this new trend: The overshirt. The overshirt is basically an oversized shirt with a thick and REALLY comfortable fabric. This 2020 trend is perfect at this time of the year and will keep you warm while looking great. See how I styled my favourite trend of the season.

Zara Plaid Overshirt Trend 2020 | Temps d'un Café
Zara Plaid Overshirt Trend 2020 | Temps d'un Café

Merging between a shirt and a jacket

We all now that weird moment between summer and winter. Yes, some people call it autumn, but I see it as the awkward season. You might wear a mini dress one day and a Canada Goose the next morning. I’m guessing the overshirt idea came from this very confusing season. In addition, some people had the brilliant idea to even name it the “shacket”. Yup, a shirt and a jacket all in one. The overshirt is the perfect combination between warmth and comfort which explains is huge popularity.

Zara Plaid Overshirt Trend 2020 | Temps d'un Café

Zara’s search bar and amazing kid’s section

I will admit that shopping at Zara can be overwhelming at times. However, when I am looking for something very specific, I usually go straight to the search bar and write down what I want. Personally, I am very impatient to have a look at the whole website so the search bar is honestly a life saver. If you type down overshirt, Zara will come up with all their options even for the men and kids sections. Since I’m only 5″4, I spoiled myself with a plaid overshirt from the kids section for 45$. Yes, shopping in the kids section is amazing and will actually save you some money.

Zara Plaid Overshirt Trend 2020 | Temps d'un Café
Zara Plaid Overshirt Trend 2020 | Temps d'un Café

Adding a little glamour with Lelet NY

If you know me by now, you are aware about my very weird obsession with headbands. I’ve been a huge fan since I laid eyes on Blair Waldorf. Even though the overshirt 2020 trend tends to have a casual aesthetic, adding some cute headbands with sparkle seemed like a great idea. To make sure I did not look too crazy, I chose a lavender headband, same colour as my shirt, and a thin crystal one to add a little sparkle. My third headband was my risky move but made sure to keep the colour palette very light and fresh. Since all 3 of them are quite thin, the final result was actually really nice and subtle.

Zara Plaid Overshirt Trend 2020 | Temps d'un Café

Follow a trend but make it your own

Many people enjoy the same aesthetic for one outfit but I never really did. Personally, mixing classier items with some streetwear is my way to go. Don’t be afraid to try new things and to actually set a trend instead of following it! In other words, you can follow a trend but make sure to tweak things a bit to make it your own!


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  • Michelle
    December 5, 2020

    I love these shirts!!! And I’m thinking about purchasing from Zara. My question is how soft are they?

    • Nesrine Brikci
      December 8, 2020

      Hi Michelle! OMG so so soft! I love these shirts too, that’s all I’ve been wearing lately. I find the Zara plaid shirts VERY soft, I also got some from Shein which are less soft but just as cute.

      Also, for a reallyyy soft plaid shirt, I would highly recommend these outdoor and camping stores, they have the best selection made with cotton.


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Zara Plaid Overshirt Trend