The Birdhouse, a unique experience in El Nido


The Birdhouse, a unique experience in El Nido

My time at the Birdhouse, trying glamping for the first time


Many of you already know how picky I am when I travel. I like to be comfortable and I have to admit that I usually choose expensive hotels to make sure I have the best service. Going to the Philippines made me want to try something completely different this time. I was willing to try something I’ve never done before; GLAMping! Glamour and camping all together!

What to wear at the Birdhouse to look like a real fashionista

A fancy hat from the Birdhouse and a unique swimsuit from H&M that will make your body look perfect. I added a scarf and used it as a cover up.

I hate insects

God knows I hate insects and weird looking creatures, I simply cannot stand them and almost everything scares me. I will admit, knowing that I would sleep in a tent made me quite nervous at first.

The Birdhouse sent us a Van at our hotel in Puerto Princesa around 8 in the morning. The ride took us about 5 hours but it went by quite fast and the van stopped on the road so that we could eat a little something. When we arrived, we had to walk down the stairs, walk on the beach for about 5 minutes and walk up the stairs again. People from the Birdhouse will help you, thank god for that. I was in shocked the first time I walked up the stairs to get to the place. My cardio was definitely not ready for this one and the heat was killing me.

When we FINALLY arrived to our nest (tent), we saw the most beautiful view and that’s when I realized that it was all worth it. After taking a cold shower I went up to see the restaurant and that’s when I absolutely fell in love. It was beyond perfect with the most beautiful landscape in front of me.

The Staff at the Birdhouse El Nido

The staff was the main reason why I felt at home in The Birdhouse. They were always there when we needed something and they were very kind to us. Maita, who was the one showing us around, was the sweetest person and it was amazing to wake up with such lovely people around me!

The two owners, the coolest couple, were VERY nice and made sure that we were always ok. Morgan (the cook),  the cool french girl, was even able to accommodate me since I don’t eat meat which made me very happy. Oh and their homemade food was always DELICIOUS. I honestly spent most of my time at the restaurant, enjoying the view, drinking coffee and reading all of their books. Their coffee was delicious which is a BIG bonus for me.

The nest

My experience at the Birdhouse El Nido made me fall in love with glamping

I was really sad to leave but I will definitely come back. I enjoyed every single day and yes the heat was often killing me and obviously the stairs were quite exhausting sometimes but enjoying a sunset view every single day with the most amazing people was the best feeling.

This kind of experience may not be for everyone but I really think you should give it a try! I am now a fan of GLAMping!

The last sunset at The Birdhouse was the most beautiful one


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The Birdhouse, a unique experience in El Nido