The Ultimate Guide to Organise Your Clothing Rack


The ultimate guide to organise your clothing rack

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A step by step guide on how to organise your clothing rack for the month

Organising your whole closet can be quite tricky and exhausting. Instead of dealing with a big closet, I started using a clothing rack with a small selection for the month. The idea is to pick a few items you LOVE at the moment and mix them with your old clothes. Mixing both will give a second life to some pieces you probably forgot about. I’m all about giving second chances to your closet. When I talk about trend, I am not telling you to buy the latest collection. In fact, I am telling you to work with what you already have but to wear them differently than you used to. That’s how you become trendy the smart way.

The ultimate guide to organise your clothing rack
The ultimate guide to organise your clothing rack

First thing first, choose your key items of the month

Choosing your key items is very important. In other words, these items are your favourites at the moment. For example, mine were my Chloé Tess bag, black Zara sweatshirt and black jeans from Zara. They basically made my first outfit. A key item can also be a simple an accessory. Basically, try to have 3 to 4 key items.

Go through your old pieces, it’s now time to bring some to life!

You might be wondering why I keep insisting on wearing your old closet. Very simple, I don’t want you to waste your money and I am also certain that you have some hidden treasures. We often keep buying new things when we truly don’t need to. Half of my January clothing rack were from old collections.

The ultimate guide to organise your clothing rack

Make sure to have a bit of everything on that rack

We need bottoms, dresses, tops, cardigan or knitwear, coats and so on. Just a bit of everything to make sure you can mix and match everything very easily. On my January clothing rack, I selected 2 different jeans, 1 short dress, 1 long dress, 3 different knitwear, 2 coats, 1 suit, 3 tops and 1 jumpsuit. I made sure to have a good variety to really be able to have many different options.

Choose your accessories wisely

Accessories are also a very important part when organising your clothing rack of the month. I always want a bit of everything so I selected necklaces, bracelets, headbands, an Hermine Hold scarf and scruntchie. Your bag selection is also part of that step so make sure to have 2 to 3 options available to you when needed. I usually have my main bag, a second option I can use during the day or at night and finally, a classy one like a clutch.

Shoes, heels and boots

Since it is now winter for Montreal, my selection is bigger than what I would usually choose for summer. Indeed, I have 2 pairs of boots, 1 pair of Stella McCartney and finally, a classic pair of Christian Louboutin.  Your clothing rack needs to vary for your casual outfits, cocktail outfits and finally, a more elegant option for a fancy night out.

Iron every single item that needs it

Your clothing rack needs to be perfect at all time. The reason is very simple: when you’re in a hurry, everything will be ready for you. That way, you could get out of your house in just a few minutes. This is the main reason why I get ready in less than 10 minutes. If you don’t know how, read my article, Simple tips to get ready faster in the morning.

The ultimate guide to organise your clothing rack
The ultimate guide to organise your clothing rack

What kind of makeup will you be doing?

After selecting your items of the month, it is now time to choose your make up. Only pick the items you will wear on a daily basis. For example, a colour palette that goes with many of your outfits, your favourite mascara, favourite lipgloss or lipstick.

Some storage ideas to help you go through the month

I am well aware that many people have the same obsession has me. Storage is SO much fun and it really is a new hobby of mine. The main reason why I had renovate my room was because I had a huge problem with storage. Indeed, I started to have boxes outside my room full of clothes. It became impossible for me to find my things and started to get really annoyed. Therefore, we decided to use 2 small rooms to make a big one. Once the big renovation was over, my main concern was my wardrobe. I needed something with enough storage without taking the whole space. Ikea was my first option and I decided to build a custom PAX. These are basically life savers if you’re looking for something pretty with lots of storage and fun to customise. After spending hours on Ikea’s website, I found some cute boxes to organise everything.

Finally, mix and match your clothing rack as much as you want

Mix and match your clothing rack as much as possible is the key! Your clothing rack offers you lots of options so try to be creative. But most importantly, have fun! Don’t hesitate to bring some “outside” pieces now and then when you have more time to get ready. You don’t necessarily need to use your clothing rack every single day but it should be your main option during the month!

The ultimate guide to organise your clothing rack

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The Ultimate Guide to Organise Your Clothing Rack