Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020

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Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020 in collaboration with Lazypants

6 cute and trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020 in collaboration with lazypants

One thing we have probably all in common in 2020 is that we managed the art of sweatpants. This year, I’ve found a few ways to enjoy my sweatpants or comfy hoodie without looking like a complete disaster. In fact, I’ve been able to wear these comfortable outfits for a night out. This 6 sweatpants outfit ideas 2020 artible is in collaboration with my favourite loungewear brand Lazypants. From a very edgy look to the cutest pink sweatsuit, Lazypants launched the perfect collection to look trendy and cool!

Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020 in collaboration with Lazypants

Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020 | Temps d'un Café

A new era has begun

Although I try to stay away from cosy oversized clothes, it seems like I’m failing  no matter what I do. In my defence, I do think jeans are the most uncomfortable clothes ever created. For this reason, I strongly believe jeans should just be canceled. I have to admit that seeing the sweatpants trend back in the game has been the most satisfying thing to witness in the fashion industry. Huge designers are finally understanding how a simple sweatsuit can be worn in a VERY trendy way, without you looking like a complete mess. We are starting to see many different colours, prints and, of course, I’m enjoying every minute of it.

As a mentioned in a previous articleLazypants is truly my favourite sweatsuit brand ever created. Therefore,  I’ve filmed a Youtube video with 7 outfit ideas to show you how to wear your Lazypants in the cutest way possible

Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020 | Temps d'un Café
Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020 | Temps d'un Café

1. The tie-dye sweatsuit from Lazypants

If there is one trend that we keep seeing, it definitely is the tie-dye. Indeed, anything that screams unicorn makes me very happy, which is why this trend is on top of my list. I’ve also purchased some super cute tie-dye shoes from Vans to make my look extra girly. Lazypants has definitely created the perfect print for this outfit with a beautiful pink and baby blue shades. Try to keep this outfit as simple as possible to look cute but not completely ridiculous by wearing a simple pair of sneakers, cute bag as well as a neutral coat if needed.

Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020 | Temps d'un Café

2. The oversized rain coat

So if I have one tip to give you for this article, it’s to wear oversized. “Breaking” the outfit with a very cool oversized jacket can truly elevate your outfit in a second. My favourite combination is a cool rain coat with a pair of elegant earrings. It does sound weird when you say it like that, but trust me, earrings are a must! The final touch is definitely chunky boots from Dr Martens to really have that cool kid vibe. By all means, do not hesitate to wear your boyfriend’s oversized trench coat, since, the bigger the better!

Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020 | Temps d'un Café

3. The classic grey look

Needless to say that my Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020 absolutely needed a very simple grey sweatsuit. This set is probably the most basic, yet important outfit of all. The old school trend is there to stay and this look reminds me of what my mom used to wear in the 90’s. Lastly, pair your grey sweatpants with chunky sneakers like the Reebok Aztrek Double Mix Sneakers.

The most comfortable cozy sweatpants by Lazypants
The most comfortable and cozy sweatpants by Lazypants

4. Hoodie and heels

Next on the list is the perfect mini skirt with heels and a simple hoodie. Personally, this is the kind of outfit I live for. This trendy outfit is perfect for a night out with friends or even with colleagues. You can easily style your favourite hoodie with a mini skirt and a beautiful pair of strapped heels. You might be wondering Are hoodies actually sexy? Well, of course the answer is YES! Trust me, even with a plastic bag on, showing some legs is ultimately a sexy option.

Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020 | Temps d'un Café

5. The perfect pink sweatsuit

I LOVE pink anything so wearing a complete set is actually a dream come true. Some people tend to stay away from colours but I really don’t. The fun part with sweatpants and hoodies is that you can actually get away by wearing some crazy prints and colours. To make sure you stay on trend, I highly suggest getting an oversized fit for all of your sweatpants and hoodies. Personally, I find very tight sweatsuits not as trendy and flattering. If you think a colourful set is a bit too much colour, don’t hesitate to break the outfit with a simple jacket or printed one (like mine). Wearing a very neutral jacket can balance the whole set perfectly.

Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020 | Temps d'un Café
Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020 | Temps d'un Café

6. Tthe edgy mini skirt

I couldn’t write my Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020 article without a patent croc mini skirt. This gorgeous skirt is a newbie in my wardrobe and I just can’t get enough of it. Thank god for Zara and their beautiful mini skirts you can find all year long. Get ready in a second with a hoodie and any mini patent skirt you can find. Finally, throw an oversized blazer with a contrasting hoodie, such as grey or white. For an edgier look, switch that classic black blazer for an oversized biker leather jacket!

Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020 | Temps d'un Café

7. The sports bra

Finally, the most expected piece to wear with sweatpants, a sports bra. It’s not a secret that I don’t go to the gym, but still go for workout clothes now and then. Lazypants recently came up with a beautiful selection of neutral and colourful activewear. In addition to the trendy colours and design, the fit is actually PERFECTION. You can easily wear a basic black pair of sweatpants with a matching sports bra. Skip on the sneakers for this time, and instead, go for a chunky pair of boots.

These were my trendy sweatpants outfit ideas 2020. However, sweatpants and hoodies can be worn with so many things that you’re options are endless. If you usually wear neutral colours, sweatsuits are a great “place” to have fun and try different colours and prints. From where I’m standing, we are going to wear our loungewear for a little big longer (thank you quarantine).


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Trendy Sweatpants Outfit Ideas 2020