Travel with Le Temps d’un Café

Discover the best coffee shops, destinations and guides to help you all along

Discover the best places for your next trip in our travel section. We love to see the world and discover new destinations for you guys. Altough, our favourite activity is probably discovering new coffee shops all around the world but then again, you already knew that. Which is the reason why we gathered a few places we absolutely love and tell you all about them. In other words, pack your bag and fancy suitcase, we’re going on a trip!

Find the best restaurants

From Morocco guide to the ultimate Bangkok guide, we make sure to tell you everything you need to know. Especially since food is also very important when we decide to go the other side of the world, we surely did not forget about that part!

Le Temps d’un Café in every coffee shops

First thing to remember, Le Temps d’un Café is very passionate about coffee shops all around the world. Indeed, the first thing we usually do is to find the best adresses to enjoy a well made cup of coffee. Such as Café des Épices in Marrakesh to the hidden gems of Antwerp, our goal is to drink cappuccinos in every city! Besides, would it really be a guide without any coffee shops destination?

Be ready before taking the plane

Although, I do love taking the plane unexpectedly, some destinations do require some research before. With this in mind, we headed to the Philippines a few months ago with a specific list of what we wanted to do. In order to be well prepared, I paid a little visit to my best friend Pinterest. For instance, I was able to find beautiul coffee shops, amazing beaches and wonderful places to sleep. Despite the very few wifi spots in the Philippines, being well prepared saved us from a disaster. On the positive side, the best adventures are usually out of the blue.

We surely didn’t forget about what you should pack

In case you thought we forgot to tell you what to pack, not at all! Of course I wouldn’t leave you without a list of what to pack when taking a plane. From summer outfits to cold weather from Canada, we made sure to give you the perfect inspirations to see the world in style.