St-Germain new book ‘How to Spritz French Fluently’


St-Germain new book launch ‘How to Spritz French Fluently’

A perfect lunch for St-Germain new book launch ‘How to Spritz French Fluently’ at JellyFish Crudo + Charbon

Sometimes, the alcohol itself is not necessarily what I’m truly looking for. However, when going out or just doing a cute picnic (like this one), enjoying a delicious cocktail can be very nice and relaxing. Last week, St-Germain invited us to celebrate the launch of their new cocktail book ‘How to Spritz French Fluently’. A lovely and DELICIOUS lunch was served at the famous JellyFish Crudo + Charbon in Montreal Old Port. Caviar, tuna tartare, salad, canapes and of course, tasteful cocktails were on the menu.

St-Germain new book launch
St-Germain 'How to Spritz French Fluently' new book launch

St-Germain whole world is perfection in every way

One thing I enjoyed the most about fancy alcohol brands, is their impeccable aesthetic (not all of them). Their events, most of the times, are a huge success with perfect decors, table set ups and drinks. St-Germain made no exception and made sure to make us feel special with an effortless chic lunch.

We started with raw salmon canapes with caviar, followed by broccoli with caviar and a warm salad made of tomatoes and of course, more caviar. We also had the most amazing tuna tartare with avocado, spicy mayo (I think), and CAVIAR. Let’s just come to the conclusion that caviar was a big part of this event.

St-Germain unique cocktails made with style

I can go on and on with the food menu but the main reason of this event was definitely the cocktail part. St-Germain served us different cocktails through the event. These drinks were not just tasty, they were also beautiful to look at. Whoever created this event made sure that the colour palette for this event was perfection the whole time.

Details do matters

They really do and the St-Germain Spritz French fluently new book launch made sure that every detail was on point. The table set up was probably my favourite part, especially the flowers. Please know that a vase and a bouquet are now missing because someone, who I can’t name, brought it home (me). In case someone from the event is reading this, I apologise. A goodie bag was also given at the door, which is one of the most exciting part of an event. Of course, they gave us their new book but also a started kit to create one of their recipes. Therefore, mini me is VERY excited to try their delicious cocktails!

Capturing it all

If you were wondering why everyone is around the table except me, well, I was the photographer for the event and also part of this lunch. Capturing unique moments but also delicious ones! Also, meet the guy making our cocktails, Max. He is part of 1 ou 2 Cocktails and part of, as we call it, the dream team! I’ve been working with 1 ou 2 Cocktails for a few years now and each project is always unique and special. And let’s not forget about the girl with the gorgeous blue eyes, Rose. She is also part of the duo 1 ou 2 Cocktails. Quite early to tell you about it, but we have a secret for a few months now and we cannot wait to share it with you guys!

Living the spritz life

If the art of spritz is something that you would like to live to the fullest, this book would be an amazing start! The book features 40 easy to make recipes from top bartenders around the world. Let’s just say that you are in very good hands with this book. I’ve always seen the spritz as an easy going, simple and very enjoyable kind of drink, perfect for summer nights with friends. Grab your book, alcohol and fancy glass, let’s spritz french fluently!

St-Germain 'How to Spritz French Fluently' new book launch
St-Germain 'How to Spritz French Fluently' new book launch

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St-Germain new book ‘How to Spritz French Fluently’