What to do in Quebec City for a weekend?


What to do in Quebec City for a quick weekend getaway?

What to do in Quebec City for a quick weekend getaway?

Telling you about our quick weekend getaway in Quebec City at the Morrin Centre

What to do in Quebec City when it rains? Darlings, you know how I enjoy travelling the other side of the world. However, reality sometimes kicks in and you realise that booking a ticket to Paris because you feel like it, is just not possible. 

What to do when you get a reality check?

Well, travelling doesn’t necessarily means taking a plane to the other side of the world right? In fact, we often forget that cities just next to us are probably just as amazing to visit. Since I am in Montreal most of the times, going to Quebec City is for me the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Quite honestly, going there during the week when the place is not completely full is actually better. 

What to do in Quebec City for a quick weekend getaway?

Pack your bags, we’re going to Quebec City!

Pack light, or at least try. My next purchase for travelling will probably be the Louis Vuitton 40 speed with my initial to really feel like I’m going on vacation when packing. But for now, my mom’s small suitcase will do! I made sure to pack the essentials from my favourite kimono brand One Hundred Stars, a few beauty products like my coffee palette from Étude House and of course, my curling iron from Almost famous to fin my hair for some shots. 

Ready to go

After packing up my very cute Mini Cooper, we were finally ready for our small 3 hours road trip. If you live in Montreal and you want to go to Quebec City, take the 20 and do a little detour to Rose Drummond. This coffee shop became my road trip stop to enjoy the perfect oat milk cappuccino with delicious homemade treats and sandwiches. You will honestly thank me later for showing you this beautiful café. They also have a small market where you can buy truffle oil, fresh pasta and much more. I usually enjoy a small lunch there and will only spend my money on the way back to make sure I don’t use my travel money.

Booking the right place

Last time we went to Québec City, we decided to stay at Fairmont Frontenac. If you don’t remember our little escapade, have a look at the article we wrote after experiencing the most amazing weekend. But this time, since everything was quite last minute, we booked a cute Airbnb next to my favourite coffee shop, Café Saint-Henri. Our Airbnb was perfect and I will honestly be coming back since I tend to enjoy an apartment more than the hotel life (shocking I know). But honestly, who doesn’t like a fresh homemade meal cooked in a beautiful kitchen?

What to do in Quebec City for a quick weekend getaway
quebec city morrin centre

What to do when the weather is simply not cooperating

We forgot to check something before leaving for Québec City, the weather! Yes, how stupid can you actually be to forget this very important detail, especially when you live in Canada. In conclusion, we didn’t have that many options so we decided to visit a very special place in Québec, The Morrin Centre.

Morrin Centre, a place full of history 

Not many people know this but I have a thing for very old libraries. In Europe, they are way easier to find and most of the nicest ones are probably there. Nevertheless, in Canada, we have a few of them and Morrin Centre is definitely one of my favourite. This library first started has a prison then changed for a school and finally a library opened to the public. We were lucky enough to meet with the person in charge who made us a tour. I will be completely honest here, the prison part freaked me out so much and you could actually see the graffitis on the floor made by the prisoners. Despite that, it was amazing to see so much history in one place. 

Regardless of how scary this place was before, the Morrin Centre is now a beautiful library opened to the public with a great selection of old and recent books. We had the opportunity to do a full shoot there for One Hundred Stars and even got access to the top floor where people are usually not allowed. You’re probably wondering why on earth a section would be close to public in a library right? Well, some of the books there are very old and need to be preserved. Therefore, people can look at them from far away but not actually touch them or take them back home.

We spend the whole morning learning new things about the history in Quebec City while mixing this with fashion and it was truly wonderful. 

What to do in Quebec City for a quick weekend getaway
What to do in Quebec City for a quick weekend getaway

Little stop before we leave

After the shoot, it was already time to go back home driving in a horrible weather! Our escapade was very quick but we did not want to leave on an empty stomach so we tried a new place. We headed to Maelstrom for delicious coffee and a vegan burrito (delicious). After my stomach being satisfied it was finally time to go back to Montreal. One last stop was on the schedule, Rose Drummond for the last coffee and to bring back some truffle oil to the family! 

If you want to see our Airbnb click here.


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What to do in Quebec City for a weekend?