Pink birthday bash at SeaSalt Ceviche in Montreal


My Pink Birthday Bash at SeaSalt and Ceviche in Montreal

7 tips to throw the perfect party and how I planned my Pink Birthday Bash at SeaSalt and Ceviche in Montreal

Pink, pink and more pink please! My birthday bash was so much fun and I couldn’t ask for a better way to start this new year!

1. First thing first, book your location

The most important part is to book your location first. The emplacement will play a huge role in everything else so make sure to book everything in advance. SeaSalt & Ceviche Montreal seemed like the perfect place since I wanted everything to look very pink. I chose this restaurant for their famous Rosé all day pink neon sign! Try to pick a location that will easily be photographed by anyone. If you want to book at SeaSalt Ceviche restaurant click here.

2. Find inspiration and order your cake

My pink birthday bash at SeaSalt Ceviche in Montreal had to be special so just buying a regular cake wasn’t an option. A birthday bash is unique and very personal so my cake had to be perfect. Les Délices Lafrenaie in Montreal are quite known to make delicious and pretty cakes so I obviously had to go with them. I asked for a shortcake with raspberries instead of strawberries. Always add your own little touch to your cake and make sure to choose flavours that almost everyone like. The last thing you want is a pretty cake that doesn’t taste good. My cake was way bigger than expected but I strongly believe a cake is never big enough!

I found inspiration on Instagram and mostly Pinterest for my cake this year. The tricky part was the decoration on top of it since I had to find everything myself. Thanks to Party Expert in Montreal, I was able to find everything I needed.

3. Choose a party outfit and party heels!

Choose your outfit after deciding on your location and your cake. I went with a colour theme this year so I really wanted a pink silk slip dress to go perfectly with the concept. I was really going for the Paris Hilton type of dress and made it custom to make sure I had exactly what I wanted. The material I chose for this birthday was very important and went with 100% silk to have this super glam look. We bought this amazing fabric in a famous city in China and made the pattern from scratch. You finally have a sneak peak of my first collection coming up in a few months ladies! P-S. Try to have sparkly shoes for your birthday bash, especially a pink birthday bash.

4. Think about your guests and invite the right people

Of course your birthday is about YOU but do not forget your amazing guests. Inviting them means they are important to you and you want them to feel special. Since this birthday got planned VERY last minute, I had to think about a nice touch for them that didn’t need too much preparation. I decided to make cute cups of candies for everyone since sugar is something we all love! I used pink striped ice cream cups to match the theme and filled them with a few of my favourite candies. Always try to find something very instagrammable and fun so that your guests can post as many pictures as they like and have a great time. Inviting the right people is also very important. I sometimes do more than one birthday to make sure all of the events fit with the right people.

5. Make the place a little more you

Going out for your birthday doesn’t mean you can’t add your little touch. I brought a few balloons to SeaSalt & Ceviche to decorate the place a bit more. We obviously called them before to make sure it was ok and they were kind enough to not say anything when they saw the big unicorn and flamingo. I also added pink lips shaped confetti on the table with flamingo napkins. It was so cheap to buy at the store but made the table looks so fun and messy (in a nice way)! Try to bring some props to make your pictures look fun. I bought a few pink lollipops for my guests and they loved it!

6. Have a camera ready, digital is the key

Don’t forget about your camera! I don’t think having your phone as the main camera is the best thing. It’s always great to have a proper camera for a nice event like this one. I used my father rebel Canon camera for this event and used the built-in flash in almost every pictures. I made sure to shoot in RAW to edit them in the best way possible in Lightroom after. SealSalt & Ceviche in Montreal was very fun to photograph and easy to capture the coolest moments. I also created a preset for my birthday!

7. Have fun!

But the most important thing of all, enjoy your day as much as possible! I tend to be very nervous when planning something but I realised that being surrounded by my friends and good food is the most important part. Nothing ever goes as planned but who cares! Look cute, smile and don’t forget that this is YOUR day!

Custom cake from Les Délices Lafreinaie. I asked for a shortcake with fresh raspberries and it was delicious! The cake was covered with gold leaves to add a little sparkle to it…I mean look at this gorgeous cake! The best Pink Birthday Bash I ever had.

Birthday babe necklace from Party Expert

Having a moment with one of my closest friend a.k.a perfect barbie doll. If you are located in Montreal she is my favourite personal trainer and a yoga teacher too. Follow her here

pink birthday bash

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