Philippines Travel Guide Part 2


Philippines travel guide part 2

Philippines travel guide: The best destination in El Nido and Coron

Puerto Princesa

I only had one full day in Puerto Princesa so we decided to visit the caves. I am terrified of the dark and hate bats, which is exactly what I got myself into.

The cave was nice to see but I prefer nice beaches…personal opinion.

We stayed at the Holiday Suite which was clean and just in front of the mall. I also tried Jollibee for the first time, which I don’t recommend at all, unless you’re really into fast food.

Philippines travel guide: El Nido, heaven on earth

We stayed in El Nido but didn’t tell you what I did exactly over there. We were staying 4 nights but did nothing on the first day since we were quite exhausted. I spent my day at the Birdhouse restaurant and drank at least 5 cups of coffee while reading. Our first option was to take 2 tours but we decided to take a private tour and do tour A and D together.

Since we booked with the Birdhouse directly, our boat was waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs (yes, it made me happy). We visited different islands and lagoons….absolutely amazing.

Having a private tour was amazing since we were able to stay longer when we really liked a place. Apparently most people do tour A and C but one person suggested the tour D to enjoy something without a big crowd. We ended up by ourselves most of the time which was amazing and perfect for pictures!

The best falafel in El Nido

Most of the times, I was hanging out at the beach and eating lunch at Las Cabanas. Try the Shrimp Curry with garlic rice, so delicious. Also, if you’re into falafel, El Nido has literally the best falafel place downtown. Everyone knows about it, it looks like a hole in a wall but the taste is heaven. I became so obsessed with the falafel place that I was always taking a tricycle to go in the center.

Where to get wifi in El Nido

Since wifi is very rare and hard to find, I would suggest to go CB café. They are known to have a “good” connection. You might not be able to download heavy documents or pictures but it’s worth a try! The coffee is also really good.

The shipwrecks of Coron, one of the most amazing thing I’ve seen from this trip.

Wearing Daughters of Ra

Philippines travel guide: The best places to visit in Coron

Next stop, Coron! We took the fast fiery from El Nido to Coron. To be quite honest, the city had so much pollution it made me sick at first. We were also very unlucky with our first reservation in the center of Coron which made me hate the city in the beginning.

The hotel was actually so scary with holes everywhere, insects all around and I found big insects in the bathroom. I was sleeping with the lights on and decided to leave this place first thing in the morning.

We ended up at the Western Lagoon since everything was booked but I was so GLAD to move there. We had 2 bathrooms, a dining table, a desk, television and huge beds. Oh and there was marble in the bathroom!

The Ultimate Tour

The first tour we took was the ultimate tour. We visited the famous Kayangan Lake and I also had the chance to see one Japanese boat that sinked years ago. I was actually surprised but one of my favourite moment was to see this amazing boat in the ocean. It felt like Pirates of the Caribbean…without Jack Sparrow.

The Beaches Tour

We decided to take a second tour the next day that was much more relaxed this time. We visited 3 different beaches with white sands…the perfect tour to end this wonderful trip. We were able to go at the top of a little mountain and see an amazing view where I shot a few pictures there.

Before going to the Philippines I was terrified to go in deep water but this trip really changed me. You just want to see it all! P-S. When I wanted an ok connection I was heading to La Morena café. I was always ordering the Java Chips frappuccino….the size is huge which made me really happy.

At a Fika Indulgence, one of my favourite coffee shop in Coron, we met 2 people from France and we had the most amazing time with them.

Going back to the Philippines is definitely on my bucket list, again!

Let me tell you that I travelled a few times to Asia and this was by far the most amazing experience. I know that staying in a nice hotel and do nothing sounds great, but while doing that, you are probably missing on the most amazing experience of your life.

I am definitely coming back to this beautiful country. I still have so many things and islands to visit I just can’t wait to go back!

Enjoy this Philippines travel guide! Until next time beautiful island xo

Wearing Overseas Jewelry

Alone on an island in El Nido (Tour A & D if you want to end up at this exact same place)

In Coron, at the top of a little mountain

Wearing Eberjey and Overseas Jewelry


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The Birdhouse, a unique experience in El Nido
Philippines Travel Guide Part 2