Merit Beauty Minimalist Makeup Brand Review


Merit Beauty Minimalist Makeup Brand Review | Le Temps d’un Café

The new brand everyone is talking about: Merit Beauty Minimalist Makeup Brand Review | Le Temps d’un Café

Merit Beauty: the new minimalist beauty brand everyone is talking about

A few weeks ago, I saw a gorgeous corduroy brown cosmetic bag on my Instagram feed. I didn’t think much of it other than “this is gorgeous” and kept going with my day. However, the next day, a different picture with the same bag came up. It was now time for me to click and see what it was. The products next to it didn’t look familiar at all but they were STUNNING and very minimal. I was in love but realised that the brand was not even launched yet, so I had to patiently wait, which I did. Until recently when I got an email from the brand itself asking me if I wanted to try the full collection for a review!

MERIT Beauty minimal make up brand by Katherine Power – Responsible luxury

Katherine Power from Who What Wear is the founder of MERIT Beauty. The brand market itself as a clean luxury vegan makeup company.  Clean means that there are no harmful ingredients, such as parabens and sulphates. However, it doesn’t mean that they’re only made of natural ingredients. In addition to having a great list of ingredients, MERIT is plant-based and a Leaping Bunny certified business.

Merit Beauty Minimalist Makeup Brand Review | Le Temps d'un Café

A little bit more about MERIT Beauty: packaging, quantity & price

While some people might complain about the quantity of these products, I was happy to know they could easily fit in my purse. I will say that Merit’s products have a small quantity compare to other beauty brands. The price point is a bit higher which explain why they market themselves as luxury. Merit mascara is $34 for 7 g / 0.25 oz. On the other hand, Glossier, a similar brand, is $20 for 8.5 g / 0.29 oz. We can definitely say that Merit is way higher in price and smaller in quantity. Does it really bother me? Yes and no since it hurts my wallet but at least my skin is happy.

My honest review on MERIT Beauty minimal makeup brand

Well, you’ve guessed it, I love them. With that being said, Merit is NOT for everyone since it doesn’t cover all of your imperfections. However, this is the main reason why this makeup brand suits me so well. I’ve always been against makeup because honestly, I have other things to do than to worry about my mascara smudging all over my face.

Merit Beauty Minimalist Makeup Brand Review | Le Temps d'un Café

First step: the minimalist complexion stick

The Minimalist Complexion Stick in écru, was the first product I tried from them. I was cut off guard when I applied the first time, the texture seemed so…creamy, but in a nice way. I started putting makeup without knowing a thing about and blended everything with the Brush No.1. The Blending Brush is honestly a game changer in the makeup world. These brushed can be quite hard on the skin, but the Brush No.1 is soft as a bunny (not kidding). The blending is done to perfection and the Complexion Stick does hide most of your imperfections but not all of them. This way, you get a natural look without looking cakey.

Second step: flush balm and highlighting balm

The Flush Balm is a creamy small blush that comes in 5 different colours. The blush perfectly melts into your skin and instantly gives me you a pop of colour. To get that perfect “glowy” skin, the highlighting balm day glow is a-ma-zing. Highlights are usually way too pigmented but this one is very well-balanced. These 2 products together are the perfect kit if you are looking for a dewy skin result.

Merit Beauty Minimalist Makeup Brand Review | Le Temps d'un Café

Last steps: eyebrows, lashes and lips

2 things I never do when it comes to makeup: eyebrows and lashes. I have fair skin but my eyebrows and lashes are full and long. No problem with that, but it is very hard to find a colour that will not make me look like a clown. Merit’s brown Brow 1980 is honestly a game changer for me. The brown is not too dark which is just the perfect colour to fill in my eyebrows a tiny bit and give me a beautiful and elegant shape. However, the mascara was my least favourite product for some reason. It did the job and gave me a nice little touch but I have to admit it was a bit hard to apply. Then again, I certainly lack of expertise when it comes to applying a mascara.

Demo + first impression on my Youtube channel

You can watch my Youtube video to see the final result. My opinion on this brand is very positive. Yes, the price point is higher than many other brands but I would definitely pay the price for these. I’ve never found the perfect makeup brand and I truly think Merit is the one! If like me you want to have a natural and glowy final result, I suggest you get your hand on these products.

You can buy the full collection here


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