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My Marrakesh travel guide, some tips and tricks to help you on your next trip

Marrakesh travel guide : The city of lights

Marrakesh is the city of lights, where every artist dreams to go at least once. I’ve always felt close to Morocco since my father was born in Marrakesh. After hours of extended reflection, I finally decided to go for two months to work on a personal project. Marrakesh was our first stop, three weeks living in the Old Medina. La Médina has its ups and downs, more ups than downs, obviously, but you need to know that living there is probably not for everyone.

What you need to know about Marrakesh

Fake tour guides will want to show you around…nothing is free in Marrakesh so please be aware that they will ask for money afterwards.

You can quickly get around with your phone, yes La Médina is all on Google Maps!

Always have cash on you, lots of places will not take credit cards. I tend to feel safer when I carry cash on me. Marrakesh is quite open compared to other Muslim countries (believe me I know what I’m talking about) however, I would suggest not walking around in a mini skirt. Try to pack very light things since the weather is hot, especially during summer. I was often wearing linen trousers or midi dresses.

Save the short hemlines when you go out at night – there’s no limit when the sun goes down. Prepare for craziness in Jemaa El-Fnaa…good luck on that one especially at night. I am VERY nervous in a crowd, so this part was hard for me to handle at first. You get used to it and will probably enjoy the craziness at the end.

You can eat for cheap at night in Jemaa El-Fnaa but make sure to go where you see many people. You need to make sure that the food is fresh and doesn’t stay there for long. I’ve never been sick by eating in the middle of La Médina. You will see many locals, and that was probably my favourite part. Start your day by heading to Jemaa El-Fna for a fresh juice. I used to get Ginger (lots of it), lemon, orange and strawberry juice. The best way to start your day!

The famous Berbere Pool in the middle of Riad Yasmine

Riad Azzouna 13 where I officially turned 26

Riad Kbour & Chou

Weekend in Tanger

Where to stay in Marrakesh

1. Riad Yasmine

We all know about this one and have all seen the famous Berber pool. Probably my favourite place to go to. We stayed in the Merzouga Suite, which was the coziest room of all in my opinion. We were staying late at the pool drinking mint tea and enjoying the warm weather. Riad Yasmine is a magical place in a magical city…can’t really ask for more.

2. Riad Palacio de Las Especias

Not very far from Riad Yasmine. Maybe not my favourite of all time but definitely a beautiful and cosy riad. They had a pool as well which is always a pleasant thing to have in Marrakesh. We spent most of our times on the roof watching movies at night.

3. Riad Azzouna 13

If you are minimalist, this is the place for you. The rooftop was fantastic and we used to stay there at night drinking tea, watching the sunset. On my birthday, the manager had prepared balloons, flowers, candles and a cake! My room was full of balloons which I absolutely loved!

4. Riad Safa

They had some construction going on when we went, but the place was already so pretty. We used to have breakfast on the small table in front of our room surrounded by plants. This riad is not very famous on Instagram, but I would definitely go and take a look. We loved everything there.

5. Riad Kbour & Chou

Probably the most unique Riad I have ever seen. The place was huge and, the rooms were all very unique. Breakfast was delicious, and the 2 owners were the kindest people. It was possible to have breakfast on their beautiful rooftop but I wouldn’t because the weather in Marrakech is absolutely dreadful.

You can never get tired of this…Riad Kbour & Chou

Since Marrakesh doesn’t have any beaches, it would be a good idea to visit Casablanca. Eden Island was definitely my favourite place it literally looked like a mini Saint-Tropez with a surf club right next to it!

Riad Kbour&Chou

At the Fellah hotel, wearing a Solito Jumpsuit and Matisse footwear boots (my clutch is from the souk)

Time for a Moroccan tea in Riad Yasmine while watching the beautiful sunset//Wearing Barthelemy Rose

Merzouga Suite at Riad Yasmine wearing Yireh top and shorts

Where to eat in Marrakesh

La ferme

Unique and beautiful decor

Dar Mama

Lovely and small restaurant


A must if you go to Marrakesh. We went at night during sunset to enjoy some mint tea.


If you are looking for a fancy restaurant.

Café des épices

Also a must if you are travelling there. This café is in front of place des épices, where you can buy the most charming gifts.

Jad Mahal

To have the time of your life! We used to be obsessed with that place a few years ago and dance all night.

Breakfast on the rooftop at Riad Kbour & Chou and having lunch with my better half at Beldi Country Club

Breakfast at Riad Safa in front of our room//Wearing Mayrah

My favourites

Without a doubt, Beldi Country Club was my favourite place! This is where I spent my birthday, and I just wanted to go back over and over again. They also have a few local stores where you can buy more excellent gifts. We used to go there since Azzouna 13 didn’t have a pool and we were literally dying. Beldi has 2 Beautiful pools, they also have a huge rose garden. Probably my favourite place to take pictures in Marrakesh.

Jardin Majorelle

I believe everyone should go at least once. It’s not everyday you can visit one of your favourite designer’s house.

Café des épices

To have lunch and drink their Café épicé (delicious).

La place des épice

Do some shopping at La place des épices – my favourite part of the souk.

La Mamounia

Go to La Mamounia, a famous hotel in Marrakesh, where you can have a drink… or two.

Fellah Hotel

We went to spend the day next to the pool and also got ourselves a nice Little massage. The hotel is quite impressive and very unique.

Get lost

….get lost…and get lost…you will see the most beautiful things, and you just keep walking. Marrakesh is full of treasures, and unexpected events.

The most beautiful place Beldi Country Club

Le Temps d’un Café custom bag!

The man behind it all, finally taking a break at Beldi Country Club

Sunset at Riad Yasmine

Amore mio

Riad Palacio de Las Especia, wearing Gypsy05


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