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My fashion lifestyle blog will tell you all The linen bedding benefits | Temps d’un Café

After searching for hours for the perfect linen brand for you guys, I finally found one! Cultiver Goods, an Australian brand, uses European flax linen, an amazing natural fiber.

linen bedding benefits + Unboxing with Cultiver

The benefits of flax linen bedding

5 reasons why you should switch to flax linen bedding

My bedroom has become my favourite place in my home. After spending months decorating and renovating everything, I am so glad I can finally think about the fun part. I love buying new furniture and little things that will make my room prettier. If there is one thing I learned these past few months is that we have A LOT of beautiful brands for literally anything. In fact, I was able to discover some amazing companies around the world to decorate my room.

The linen bedding benefits
The benefits of flax linen bedding

The most important part in my room: My bed

Did you know that I spent 27 years of my life sleeping on a one single bed? No, I am not lying and this is the honest truth. Quite frankly, I never really cared because I never needed a lot of space when sleeping. I would even wake up at the very end of a king size bed. But this time, buying a small bed for my new room was NOT an option.

After seeing so many Pinterest inspirations, I decided to go with something simple yet elegant and unique. My final choice was a gorgeous queen size bed from Rove Concepts in a beautiful ash veener. I may have taken years before changing my bed but it was all worth it! Finally, to make sure my bed was actually comfortable, I went with the most popular mattress, The Casper. Literally 4 layers of premium foam a.k.a, heaven (read my review here)

The benefits of flax linen bedding

Good bye cotton, hello flax linen bedding!

For the first few months, I decided to keep my beautiful white cotton bedding set. I am still very much in love with it but flax linen bedding felt like a better option. After hours of research, I found this amazing Australian brand that had the most gorgeous colours. Let me tell you that choosing a set was the hardest decision. Since this was my first time purchasing flax linen bedding, I decided to go with neutral colours. The benefits of flax linen bedding are numerous and all very interesting. However, some of them were very important to me and really made me choose linen over cotton.

The benefits of flax linen bedding
The benefits of flax linen bedding

My top 5 linen bedding benefits

I could go on and on about all the benefits of linen but I decided to mention 5 of the most important ones (in my opinion). My latest Youtube video talked about these 5 linen benefits:

  1. Linen will last you longer, a lot longer than cotton
  2. Linen gets softer after you wash them, it is a very comfortable fabric
  3. Linen comes from the flax plant. Meaning that linen is eco-friendly and renewable!
  4. Linen is hypo-allergenic and anti-static (you skin will thank you later!)
  5. Linen is a breathable fabric which means that it is perfect for any temperature!

Watch my latest Youtube video to have more details about everything I just mention. There’s also an unboxing with Cultiver at the end of the video! Enjoy xo


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The linen bedding benefits, Cultiver