How to Wear Leopard print this season


How to Wear Leopard print this season | The trendy way

How to Wear Leopard print this season | The trendy way

How to Wear Leopard print this season | The trendy way without looking like a jungle

Ladies, ladies, ladies, the one thing I don’t want you to do is to wear leopard print and make a complete fool out of yourself. Animal prints are quite amazing to wear but can easily be a fashion faux pas. While I’ve never considered myself as a fashion guru, I do know a thing or two about prints and colours. So here is my article about How to Wear Leopard print this season | The trendy way!

Good news, leopard print falls in the classic category

While some people might strongly disagree with what I just said, I believe leopard print is a classic. The only think changing is really how we wear them each season. Not too long ago, the leopard print satin skirt was very trendy, if you don’t know which one watch my video. So yes, leopard print will never go out of style even though many people dislike it.

With this in mind, we can allow ourselves to invest in a more expensive piece without regretting it after.

How to Wear Leopard print this season | The trendy way

Wearing leopard doesn’t necessarily mean go big or go home

If you don’t want to go all leopard, adding some leopard touches to your outfit is a very good option. It will allow you to stay quite subtle but in a very classy way. I’ve always been into the leopard heels statement, not with patent leather but calf hair instead. Aquazzura created these amazing 105 mm heels with calf hair and PVC ankle straps. In my opinion, this texture is a lot classier than just a regular leopard print.

How to Wear Leopard print this season, the trendy way, the CHEAP way

Yes, I insisted on the word CHEAP for this one. Ladies, I do understand that some fashion pieces are dedicated to be expensive. Nevertheless, a PLASTIC leopard clutch is not a good excuse to ruin yourself. You can easily find affordable options online like this Zara clutch I got on sale for $30!

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Wear a leopard skinny scarf as a belt

Lately, silk scarves are slowly becoming an obsession of mine. Indeed, these luxurious accessories can be worn as a belt, decoration for your bags, around your neck, with your jeans and many other options. Even when made with silk, you can get away with a very affordable price. I purchased mine 2 years ago at the Coach outlet for only $30.

Invest in a nice pair of jeans

Jeans can be VERY tricky but when you find that nice pair, you usually stick to it. Personally, jeans are a nightmare and I tend to only find the most horrible ones. With that being said, I was lucky enough to go to Aritzia where the lady showed me the most flattering pair of jeans. The Bailey Crop flare jeans by Denim Forum is definitely on my top list!

How to Wear Leopard print this season | The trendy way
How to Wear Leopard print this season | The trendy way

Last touch, the Pearl Letter Pendant From Timeless Pearly

Very trendy at the moment, pearl letter pendants are a perfect way to polish your outfit. I find them so beautiful and fun to wear. Timeless Pearly has an amazing collection but my heart fell for this lovely necklace. Literally obsessing about every single thing, Timeless Pearly made me love funky, yet sophisticated fun jewellery.

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How to Wear Leopard print this season | The trendy way, is sometimes harder than we think. In fact, leopard print can add the extra touch we all need but can also ruin your outfit. How to Wear Leopard print this season | The trendy way Le Temps d’un Café style! Read my article about this tricky print to make sure you make no faux pas!


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How to Wear Leopard print this season