How to make a Lavender Dark Mocha


A Vegan Lavender Dark Mocha made with real chocolate

The Lavender Dark Mocha is probably one of my favourite beverage recipe. However, coffee and lavender together is clearly not for everyone. I’ve tasted my first lavender latte this summer and completely fell in love with it! I will admit that I had to get used to the taste at first since it’s very unfamiliar. But once you start to drink it, you get SO obsessed.

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My Vegan Lavender Dark Mocha is the new Mochacchino

True story, a mochaccino was my order when I was about 14 or so, when I first got introduced to the coffee world. After a little while, I finally changed to the skinny vanilla latte, extra hot with honey (the typical 16 yo ordering at Starbucks). I soon discovered what REAL coffee was about and couldn’t drink any of that tasteless coffee anymore. I am very careful when it comes to coffee recipes because I take this coffee thing VERY seriously.

Lavender Dark Mocha

How to make The Lavender Dark Mocha, hot or cold?

The Lavender Dark Mocha is not a beverage I would get every day, I do feel like it’s more of a “weekend” beverage…if I am making any sense. I prepared this Lavender Dark Mocha cold since September is being warmer than usual. However, I do drink this beverage hot and I actually really like it.

Please know I am not a fan of iced coffee, I couldn’t understand that drink until I tried the lavender latte cold. Since lavender is a strong taste, making it on ice makes it less strong, which helps. September is coming to an end and soon, you won’t be able to get this fresh Lavender Dark Mocha, so make it while you still can!

lavender Dark Mocha



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How to make a Lavender Dark Mocha