Fashion lifestyle journal for your daily inspiration

A fashion lifestyle journal that will help your creativity

In this journal you will find everything about fashion, lifestyle, and how to travel with style.

Hello gorgeous, let me take a moment and tell you a little bit more about me. My name is Nesrine and I am originally Montreal, a cute city in Canada. My blog, Temps d’un Café started in London, in 2013, in my little Marylebone flat right behind Selfridges. Fashion was everywhere and I slowly became more aware of the latest trends around me. In fact, London played a huge role in my creativity and my vision for fashion. Sharing my daily life, tips and favourite outfits became something very natural for me.

Le Temps d’un Café, a journal for you daily inspiration

I first started sharing my daily outfits and all the places where I was spending all my money. Of course I don’t encourage people to only spend money on clothes, but for me, it was definitely where my money was going. As a new Londoner, visiting the big designers stores was my favourite thing to do. I was dreaming of having the latest pair of Christian Louboutin or the pretty Burberry bag everyone was carrying around the city. Slowly but surely, I realised that it was in fact possible to be the best dressed without paying a ridiculous amount on each of your item.

A fashion lifestyle journal for every kind of fashionistas

Yes ladies, writing about the latest trends is important but making fashion accessible for everyone is slightly harder. My main goal is to guide you for your daily outfits but also making sure that everyone finds something they can get their hands on. I’ve learned to dress on sale with one designer touch just to add a little extra to my outfit. In fact, I think dressing up with local brands, big designers and on sale items is definitely the way to go!

A Canadian fashion lifestyle journal inspired by the whole world

Le Temps d’un Café made me travelled the world and I’ve always wanted to portray that in my style. Personally, dressing up with a Indonesian dress, a Thai purse, Moroccan shoes is something exciting.

Finally, all that to say that Le Temps d’un Café is more than just a Canadian fashion blog! It’s a blog about fashion, travels, food and so much more!