My Honest Casper Mattress Review


My Honest Casper Mattress Review | Temps d’un Café

My Honest Casper Mattress Review | Temps d’un Café after sleeping on it for more than 100 days

Today on the blog, I am telling you about my Honest Casper Mattress Review | Temps d’un Café.

My Honest Casper Mattress Review, is it worth the hype?

My Honest Casper Mattress Review | Temps d’un Café after sleeping on it for more than 100 days

My Honest Casper Mattress Review | Temps d'un Café

I’ve been sleeping on my Casper mattress for more than 100 days and here is my HONEST review

You’ve probably seen these big mattresses being delivered in a small box. Not small, but definitely not huge like you would expect from a mattress delivery. Well, a few months ago I finally decided to give it a try and see if the Casper mattresses were worth the hype! My unboxing was a really fun one which is the reason why I filmed the whole thing on my YouTube channel. 

What made me change my mattress in the first place?

If you follow me on Instagram, I mentioned a few times that I decided to do some renovation to my bedroom. My room was next to the home office and both of them were 2 small rooms. One day, I simply decided that the wall between them had to go as soon as possible. A few weeks later, FINALLY, a new big room saw the light and everyone (me) was happy!

I changed floors for a beautiful white oak which gave a whole different look. I wanted to move back in my room as soon as possible so buying the perfect mattress was a priority. I’m 28 years old and I am not ashamed to say that I’ve slept on a single bed ALL MY LIFE.

I honestly thought I deserved a big amazing bed so this is exactly what I ordered. A beautiful, elegant, queen size bed from Rove Concept and a queen Casper mattress.

My Honest Casper Mattress Review | Temps d'un Café
My Honest Casper Mattress Review | Temps d'un Café

My choice from Casper and why did I choose this one specifically

The first thing I ordered was my bed and not my mattress which is the reason why I went for a queen size mattress. Casper has 3 different categories: The Essential, The Casper and finally, The Wave. Each one of them has different specifications but the main one is the height. The essential is 11”, The Casper 12” and The Wave 13”. Since I didn’t want my mattress to be too high, I was able to make up my mind quite easily. I’ve always loved lower mattresses and bed frames for some reason. Since I’ve never tried The Essential and The Wave, I will mainly focus on The Casper mattress for this review.

My Honest Casper Mattress Review | Temps d'un Café

A little bit more about The Casper

As I mentioned earlier, The Casper is 12” in height, has 3 layers of premium open cell foams and is made in Canada. Which by the way, explains the higher price point. Producing in a country like Canada is DEFINITELY not a cheap option.

Personally, the amazing support The Casper mattress gives you surprised me so much. The mattress “sucked” you in just the right amount. I’m a side sleeper, which is not the best but I also sleep on my stomach quite a lot. Weirdly enough, since I’ve had my mattress, I realised that I’ve been waking up on my BACK! I’ve always wanted to be normal and sleep on my back but I couldn’t since I get sleeping paralysis when doing so.

My Honest Casper Mattress Review | Temps d'un Café
My Honest Casper Mattress Review | Temps d'un Café

My honest review and experience so far

It might sounds very weird but since I have The Casper, my temperature when I wake up seems normal. Meaning that i’m not too hot nor too cold. I have NO idea if my mattress has something to do with it, but it’s something I’ve noticed. I also used to wake up in the middle of the night, trying to find my position and I don’t anymore. Since a few years, I’ve had many back problems so waking up with horrible pain was a normal thing. I’m honestly so happy to say that I wake up FINE and not with a weird feeling like before. Obviously, some mornings can be harder than others, which is completely normal, but in general I do see a difference.

After reading many reviews, before buying my mattress, people kept on saying that if you’re a side sleeper, Casper is the right choice. Since I am-ish, it does explain why I love my Casper mattress so much. Finally, the main reason why you should definitely give Casper a try is because it is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever tried!

My Honest Casper Mattress Review | Temps d'un Café
My Honest Casper Mattress Review | Temps d'un Café

What to do on a Sunday?

Having a new bed, new mattress also means new habits. My favourite moment of the week is definitely Sunday morning. I usually wake up around 7 when it’s still a bit dark outside. Then, I do my skincare routine grab a cosy sweater, wear my Ugg slippers and finally go downstairs. You probably know that coffee is the most important thing in my life, so yes, coffee was next on my list. If you were wondering, I have the Barista Express from Breville to make a delicious and fresh cup of coffee. Once my cappuccino with oat milk is ready, I go back in my room and finally back on my Casper mattress to do some work on my computer. In the afternoon, I sometimes switched my coffee for a Homemade Spring Orange Lemon Chai Tea.

*Everything from Casper was gifted however, my opinion is 100% MY OWN.

Queen mattress from Casper

Bed from Rove Concept

Small wood tray from M0851

Bed throw from H&M home

Window-shaped mirror

Bottom pyjama from Oysho

Top pyjama from Oysho


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