Simple Tips to Get Ready Faster in the Morning


Simple fashion lifestyle tips to get ready faster in the morning

Simple tips to get ready faster in the morning

These simple fashion lifestyle tips and tricks will help you get ready faster in the morning while looking fabulous with Shona Joy

Ladies, we all know how hard it is to get ready in the morning and look somehow presentable. However, with time, I came up with a few fashion lifestyle tips and tricks to help me get ready in the morning. 10 minutes is all you need if you follow these few steps.

Plan ahead instead of the same day

In fact, planning ahead will save you so much time. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning with the impression that you have nothing to wear. Indeed, making a decision the night before without any pressure, will help you come up with a beautiful outfit. I personally noticed that planning my outfit the night before keeps me away from a breakdown in the morning. My outfits are also a lot nicer when I choose them without any pressure. Make sure to check the weather before making a decision. Quick tip, wearing a dress will make your life a lot easier when planning everything. If you’re nervous about your legs being cold, just wear tights with it.

Simple tips to get ready faster in the morning
Simple tips to get ready faster in the morning

Leave nothing behind

We sometimes forget about shoes, socks, accessories, hair accessories, etc. When I say plan ahead, I mean plan every little detail of your outfit. Make a selection for your jewellery, hair accessories, socks or tights, handbag, coat if needed, actual outfit, shoes and so on. For this article, I planned my Zara headband, Maslo Jewelry accessories, Chloé bag, Zara boots and finally my beautiful Shona Joy shirt dress.

Iron your clothes if they need to

Next is to iron your clothes if needed. In fact, there’s nothing worse than wearing an outfit full of wrinkles. Ironing your outfit will save you so much time in the morning. For example, my Shona Joy dress needed to be ironed a little bit. Once everything is done, I usually hang them since I have a clothing rack in my room. I gathered everything on my clothing rack to make sure I don’t forget anything.

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Time to plan your make up

Personally, make up is usually not part of my look since I’m very impatient. However, I recently received the new Charlotte Tilbury instant look palette. I’ve always been a fan of her make up but this palette is honestly life changing. You can get a radiant look in only 5 minutes with glow-giving steps. If like me you are quite lost when putting makeup on, this palette tells you exactly how and where to apply everything. The size of the palette is also relatively small so you can bring it with you in case you need to touch up your makeup.

Simple fashion lifestyle tips with shona joy

Have one last look to your outfit

This is a stress-free moment where you can make all the changes without being late. I sometimes try my clothes just to be sure everything looks well together.

Fix your hair the day before

I know this sounds a bit weird but yes you can fix your hair the day before. Making sure your “base” is done will save you time the next day. That way, you only have to do some touch ups instead of a full makeover. I use a curling iron instead of a straightener to create natural loose waves.

Simple tips to get ready faster in the morning
Simple tips to get ready faster in the morning

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  • Patricia
    May 14, 2020

    Oh Nesrine I adore this look and the tips, prepping my hair the day before is definitely something I need to incorporate into my routine as well as choosing an outfit the day before! You look absolutely fabulous gorgeous!! Bisou from Berlin

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Simple Tips to Get Ready Faster in the Morning