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After more than 2 weeks in the South of Thailand, it was time for us to go to coolest city: Bangkok!


Cute spot in Bangkok Number 1: An absolute favourite for amazing breakfast, coffee, pastries and smoothies. This place looks great and the menu is delicious. I got the avocado on toast, the fresh carrot cake, a cappuccino, a mochaccino and a smoothie (I can’t remember which one).

I ordered half the menu to make sure everything was on point and that my review made sense. Every single thing I tasted was absolutely delicious, I even tasted everyone’s plates and the food was just so good.

I definitely recommend this place if you want a nice brunch with friends or family. It’s not that big of a place, which is why I like it so much, since it’s so cozy.

Homemade carrot cake with the perfect Mochaccino at Toby’s in Bangkok, Thailand  Cozy spot at Toby’s Bangkok, Thailand. You can probably leave me here the whole day!

cute spots in bangkok


Cute spot in Bangkok Number 2: Ekkamai Macchiato looks like a cute house and this is where I was heading in the morning to get my first coffee. Since I usually ended up there before 10, the only thing I was getting was a small pastry and my regular Cappuccino.

The food only starts at 10 which made it impossible for me to try as I was always there for a short period of time before heading out to start my day. Ekkamai Macchiato was next to our airbnb which made it very convenient for me.

3-My all time favourite: Organika House/Secret Spa

Cute spots in Bangkok number 3! The best place ever! Organika House is on the 6th floor and their Secret spa is on the 5th. You will see the coolest fashionistas heading to this café for lunch or brunch, snapping their best outfits while holding their cat lattés.

Yes, a latté with a cute cat on it! When you thought it couldn’t be more perfect, the waiter will bring you a few syrups with the nicest flavours to add a nice touch to your latté. We ordered the truffle pasta (delicious believe me), the pancakes and the salmon.

The food menu is perfection and the space even more. You can also create your OWN perfume and purchase their amazing skincare products, candles or perfumes.

I can’t tell you how much I liked it! If you are in Thailand, you absolutely have to go! Oh and the prices are not expensive at all, if I’m not mistaken we paid 16 Canadian dollar for the truffle pasta which is SO cheap compared to so many other places.

Organika House is a destination I will do every single time I go to Bangkok believe me. Princesses, this is your dream destination for a dates with your girl friends!

4-Café Thieves

Cute spots in Bangkok number 4: Expect the most beautiful old French music with the nicest decor from the 60’s. Antique shell spoons, pink walls, good coffee,  frozen yogurt and so on.

Add this to your list while visiting Bangkok, you will not be disappointed! I was so surprised when I walked in this place since my brother picked it out for us.

Imagine my face when I walked in and found this unique space while listening to the most romantic old French music. I only had a cappuccino there, which was really good but apparently the food is simple and good! Oh, I tasted their frozen yogurt and is was delicious! Café Thieves is definitely par of the cute spots in Bangkok for a reason.

5-Ink and Lion café

Cute spots in Bangkok number 5: I don’t have a picture of that place, I will admit the light is not great and it’s a bit on the dark side. However, I think it’s the perfect place to read a book and have some alone time with yourself. I wouldn’t call it as a must in Bangkok but definitely a good address for great coffee!

6-Pink Planter Café & Matchbox Shop

Cute spots in Bangkok number 6: If you’re feeling VERY Asian, this is the spot. Expect a pink world full of sugar and trendy clothes. You can shop on the first 2 floors and end up on the third floor drinking the weirdest pink frappe or god knows what.

My drink was probably awful but worth every penny, I did it for the picture! However, I did purchase a few items from Matchbox at an amazing price.

I do think the Pink Planter Café & Matchbox are a must when visiting Bangkok. However, get ready to drink actual sugar…I can’t believe some people like their drinks with that much sugar.

I purchased a cute shirt dress 30$, a crop shirt for like 15$ and a pair of cute trousers for 20$….as you can see, their prices are really interesting. Some of their items are a bit pricey but SO unique that you might want to buy them. I call them “statement pieces” and we all need them in our wardrobe.


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Cute spots in Bangkok for the best pictures