Coronavirus | What to do When You’re in Quarantine



| What to do When You’re in Quarantine | Covid-19

Coronavirus | What to do When You’re in Quarantine | Covid-19 to keep you busy

Right now, what to do When You’re in Quarantine | Coronavirus or Covid-19 is probably being searched by so many of us. In fact, being stuck at home might gives you anxiety more than anything. However, not to worry, I came up with a list of things to do during the Coronavirus or Covid-19 Quarantine.

Coronavirus | What to do when you’re in quarantine | Covid-19

Coronavirus, 8 things to do when you’re in quarantine so you don’t get bored | Covid-19

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been wondering how to get through this madness (Coronavirus or Covid-19). Obviously, the situation at the moment is not ideal and can be quite scary at times. However, I’m not here to make you feel more anxious or nervous. On the contrary, I want you to realize how this is the perfect opportunity to be productive! In fact, being stuck at home has it’s perks so I decided to come up with a list of Things to do When You’re in Quarantine | Coronavirus or Covid-19.

Things to do When You're in Quarantine | Covid-19
  1. Organise your closet for the new season

Such a fun thing to do, well, in my opinion. Organising your closet can be a long process and can keep you busy for a long time. First of all, put all the winter clothes in the washing machine. Personally, I like to wash my winter clothes one last time before storing them. That way, when winter comes back, everything will be fresh and clean. I use the Delicate Wash from The Laundress for most my clothes and spray them with the Delicate Spray for a nice smell.

2. Find new recipes that you never have time to make

Let’s be honest, since this whole quarantine thing has been going on, you’ve been eating a lot. Which, personally, is my favourite activity. There are some recipes I’ve always wanted to make but never find the time. I guess now will be the right time! Maybe you would love a delicious homemade carrot cake or an Orange Lemon Chai Tea to keep you warm. Personally, I’ve been dying to make some marinated vegetables and infused oil to add some flavours when cooking. These are the kind of things you make and can easily store for a very long time. In addition, they add a unique and delicious taste to your meals.

3. Plan your day with an agenda, daily planner or notebook

Can we all agree that making lists is the most satisfying thing on earth. For some reason, it gives me a feeling of productivity. In fact, striking through my list is my happy moment. In my opinion, everyone should use a daily planner every morning. Yes, even if the only you have to do during the day is cook and relax, MAKE A LIST. I use 3 specific things to plan my week, day or month. My agenda is what I use to plan long term projects, my daily planner is for my daily planning and finally, my notebook is for my millions lists.

4. Clean or move things around your apartment/room/house/tipi/whatever you want to call it

2 words: spring cleaning! This quarantine thing comes at a perfect moment since the season in changing. Cleaning your home like your life depends on it (literally), is an amazing feeling. It will also help you get that fresh air back in the house. In addition, moving furniture around to have a new design would be an amazing idea! People, we need a CHANGE!

5. Be creative! Start a new project

My favourite idea on my Covid-19 things to do list. I’ve always been quite creative and always loved the idea of starting a new project. Personally, I’ve been working on my own luxury nightwear brand for quite awhile. However, something happens EVERYTIME I feel ready to launch it. There is no time for excuses anymore, so I am now focusing on my brand a lot more since I’ve been locked up. Maybe you’ve always wanted to start your own blog, online shop or company. Take that time to focus on YOURSELF and to think about what you TRULY want.

coronavirus, covid-19, quarantine

6. If social medias are making you more anxious, do a cure!

I know, I know, it might seems weird coming from me right? Well, not really, since Instagram is not my favourite thing in the world. To be honest, I rather be spending time on my website creating a full blog post than spending my time on Instagram. Also, social medias are quite intense right now and they are making me nervous. If social medias are making things harder for you, I highly suggest to do a cure and to stay away from them. However, you can spend more time on actual blogs. For example, I love to spend my time on Lust For Life’s website. I’ve been following her way before Instagram and she’s one of the best blogger out there.

Things to do When You're in Quarantine | Covid-19

7. Create moodboards for future projects

If you were looking for something simple to do to keep you busy the whole day, this is it. Can we please talk about Pinterest and how the obsession is real? I mean, I honestly spend hours on Pinterest and I actually enjoy every second. You might have a project in mind that you cannot do right now, for all kinds of reasons. However, it does not stop you from creating moodboards and to think about it. Pinterest is your best friend for any kind of projects you have in mind. For example, I’ve been pining all kinds of ideas for my luxury nightwear brand packaging.

8. Take a walk to get some fresh air

Staying inside can be fine until you just can’t take it anymore. I live in a quite neighbourhood which makes everything is easier for me. If I feel like having some fresh air, I will probably be the only one outside. If you don’t want to go outside, open your windows and try to get some vitamin D.

And finally, do absolutely NOTHING

If you don’t want to do anything, take this opportunity to sleep and relax. So many of us think that we have to stay productive during this moment but I don’t think so. If your body feels tired, it’s important to rest and to listen to it. You don’t have to be productive, you don’t have to wake up early, you don’t have to be doing something. In fact, you can stay in your bed all day wearing the same pyjama over and over again.

Think about yourself, listen to your body…this is the time.



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    your silk pajamas are so fabulous! the colors are amazing and bold. I am enjoying your blog so much. Cheers 🙂

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      Thank you so much! I’m so sorry about my late reply, just saw this! I’m so happy you love the blog, it truly means the world xoxo

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Coronavirus | What to do When You’re in Quarantine