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Travel, a word that means so much to me. In fact, I’ve travelled to many places around the world but it seems like it’s never enough. My blog started back in London where it was so easy to change country. Now that I’m back in Canada, things are a bit more complicated.

Sharing with you my travel experiences and favourite things to do

I have seen Asia, Europe, Africa and America. These places were all very different and unique in their own ways. However, I wish I had a bit more information about them to help me. In my blog, I will be creating city travel guides to really help you live the most beautiful experience. Thanks to social medias, travelling is becoming a lot easier nowadays but still lack on some important information. I sometimes want to know about a lot more than just the trendiest shooting locations. In fact, knowing about my next destination’s culture to know what to wear or what to avoid. These information are very important before travelling anywhere around the world.

Let’s not forget about all the coffee shops you will discover while travelling

You guessed it right, my true passion is coffee. The most amazing phenomenon that happened through the years is definitely all the new trendy coffee shops that opened around the world. I have a real passion to always find the most unique coffee shops to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. Finding these cafés also allows me to go in places I wouldn’t normally try.

Finally, one thing you need to know is that I will show you how to travel in style!