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My lifestyle blog is all about creating content that will inspire you in your own life. In fact, being an open book allows me to share my real life experiences through texts and pictures.

What my lifestyle blog is all about

First of all, coffee is probably one of the most important thing in my life. Therefore, discovering and sharing my favourites coffee shops ALL around the world is part of my daily life. However, this blog is not just about coffee but also about personal experiences. Many things inspire me like my family, friends, my travels, my work and obviously fashion. I will be sharing all of my lifestyle with you through pretty pictures and personal texts.

My life is about beauty, baking, fashion and many other things. Since I was born in Montreal, Canada, my lifestyle is inspired by this city. Being a blogger requires me to show you all different kind of things which I love.

My ultimate goal

My ultimate goal with my blog is to help you live a life full of style, taste while being unique and of course happy. I will tell you all about my daily routine, what I like to wear, my favourite food but also my forever changing moods.