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A beauty destination with all the advices you need

Through the years, the beauty and cosmetics industry took a very important place in our world. I’ve always seen fashion everywhere and I do believe beauty and cosmetics are no exception. To the most beautiful packaging to the actual product itself, beauty is part of our daily life.

Telling you about my own beauty and cosmetics experience

As you already know, I love sharing my tips and tricks for literally everything. With time, my skincare routine became one of the most important thing for me. Indeed, I was always trying to find the latest products to fix my skin condition as much as possible. Obviously, some products worked great and others did absolutely nothing to my skin, if not, they made it worst.

Beauty and cosmetics are exhausting and expensive

Trying all these products can be quite exhausting but also a big waste of money. To help you through the whole process of skincare and for you to not waste your money like I did, I decided to share everything with you. After trying an important amount of face creams, exfoliators, scrubs, serums, masks and so much more, I can share my own experience on so many things.

The ultimate goal: Having a glowing skin

We are often talking about having glowy and dewy skin. Yes, this is our ultimate goal when we talk about skincare or makeup. Our goal is to walk around while looking healthy, glowy and ravishing! This lifestyle fashion blog will help you achieve that goal which sometimes seems so far away.

What kind of subjects will I be sharing with you

First of all, skincare will definitely be one of the main subject in my beauty category. We can all agree that a healthy looking skin is the best kind of makeup for a woman. Skincare is a very important subject but also very complex. You might be using the wrong face wash or the wrong toner. Anyhow, it is important to identify your skin condition first and to understand you skin as much as possible. We are all very different when it comes to our skin which is the reason why the beauty and cosmetics world is full of everything.

I will also tell you my favourite makeup of the moment to have a perfect natural look. I tend to use the same Chanel concealer, Charlotte Tilbury palette but I do try new brands that I love sharing with you.