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All of my blog is to show how to have a trendy lifestyle

My lifestyle blog is all about fashion, beauty, food and travel

Le Temps d’un Café is not just about fashion or just about beauty or food. In fact, my lifestyle blog is all about living a trendy life in every aspects of your life.

A fashion destination for your daily outfits

The main subject on my blog is probably fashion. I will help you get dressed in the morning in the quickest way while looking trendy and gorgeous. You might already know this, but being a fashionista is a lot of work! Why? Because we have to know what we’re doing in everything in our lives. We need style in all aspects like baking in style, dressing in style, eating in style and so on.

A food destination to help you bake easy and delicious recipes

Baking is fun, delicious but also need to be well presented. All of my articles have always one important thing in common, trendy and beautiful. I will always make sure to show you how to live a life in the prettiest way possible. Cooking is no exception and my recipes are not just delicious but also pretty to look at.

Your travel destination to see the world in style

Of course travelling is part of my blog. All I do is looking for the next cool destination to share with you. My life experiences are often related to my travels. I will be sharing my itinerary, favourite destinations but also city guides.

A beauty destination to have healthy and glowy skin

Beauty and cosmetics are part of my daily life. I have a specific skincare routine since I have a few things I need to fix. With all the beauty products we see in stores, it can be overwhelming quite easily. My blog will give you some suggestions on your skincare routine, reviews on make up brands and much more.

The ultimate goal of all my articles

My ultimate goal is simply to help you with your daily life as much as possible. All of these subjects are part of my life which is why talking about them is important. You will find information about literally everything!