Buying an Industrial Loft in Montreal


Buying an Industrial Loft in Montreal

I really feel like it’s been SO long since I wrote something on this blog. I used to enjoy writing here since it was my safe space. However, lately, it just really felt like work and felt like I needed a break. In other words, I had to make some changes to my life.

Buying an Industrial Loft in Montreal | Temps d'un Café

New year, new me, new loft!

Personally, buying a property for myself was a HUGE commitment. When you decide to buy something, you also understand that you will have to adjust your life accordingly. For so many years, I felt like I was not mentally ready to do this. I was looking at different properties for a good 5 years but never really found something I loved. Well, never really found something I love that could make me give up on shopping.

Thinking with my head and not necessarily my heart

I always wondered how the hell could you decide to buy a property. How exactly will I know this is the right one for me? The right investment? Yes, buying a property was important to me but making sure it was the right investment was even more important. My goal is to eventually rent this space when I decide to move elsewhere. Which is why making a smart move was a priority. My number one rule is to control your emotion to make sure you don’t overpay for your property. I would say that thinking 60% with your head and 40% with your heart will save you from a bad decision.

Buying an Industrial Loft in Montreal | Temps d'un Café

When you know you know

As I mentioned, I looked for a while and visited some apartments for a good 5 years. Of course I was not really serious back then, but still took time to visit some places. However, when I walked in this industrial loft in Montreal, Saint-Henri, I just had that “this is it” feeling. When you know, you know. It was quite small (still a good size for a small loft), it needed some renovation but I still loved it so much. The industrial loft had the 2 main things I was looking for: lots of natural light and high ceilings. This is a feeling I can’t really explain but my advice to you is to always listen to your instinct!

Why an industrial loft instead of a regular apartment

First of all, if you don’t know yet, I am a photographer based in Montreal. However, I was open to a regular apartment and did look for them at one point. Actually, I was debating between this loft and a beautiful new apartment in Rosemont. Despite the lack of space and storage in a loft, it was still the best option for me.

I am and will always be one thing: an artist. Therefore, living in a space like this doesn’t bother me and is actually good for my mind. A normal apartment would have been the most boring thing for me since it wouldn’t allow me to do photoshoots or be creative to my full potential.

Buying an Industrial Loft in Montreal | Temps d'un Café

In love with my new neighbourhood, Saint-Henri

If you live in Montreal or have visited this city, you probably already know about Saint-Henri. This neighbourhood has always been on top of my list for so many reasons. First of all, my own brother purchased something a few years ago here and made me love this area so much.

Many people will complain that it’s not as “glam” as other places but Saint-Henri is authentic, and this is all I need. You can walk around here and eat at one of the top Canadian restaurant Joe beef, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in many different coffee shops and of course you can go to Atwater Market to get some local and fresh products. The options are endless in this neighbourhood. I used to live near the countryside where I had to take my car everywhere and living in Saint-Henri made me realised how I missed WALKING.

Buying an Industrial Loft in Montreal | Temps d'un Café

Cheers to a new chapter

Adjusting to this new life is quite easy since I used to live in Marylebone, London. Fun fact, Temps d’un Café started in a tiny studio on the 4th floor on Marylebone lane. Going back to a loft, writing articles that I actually want to write bring back so many beautiful memories. When I turned 15 my dream was to become a photographer and own a loft on my pwn before my thirties. Yes this is an investment, but this is also a dream of mine I finally made come true.


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Buying an Industrial Loft in Montreal