Best Summer 2020 Workout Outfit


Best Summer 2020 Workout Outfit | Temps d’un Café | Lazypants

My Best Summer 2020 Workout Outfit | Temps d’un Café | Lazypants to be trendy

I feel a bit weird telling you about the best Best Summer 2020 Workout Outfit | Temps d’un Café | Lazypants since I don’t even go to the gym. However, on a Sunday morning, for a coffee run, a sporty look seems like the right choice. 

The Best Summer 2020 Workout Outfit

Best Summer 2020 Workout Outfit | Temps d'un Café

Lazypants new activewear collection

I know I’ve been mentioning this brand quite a lot lately but Lazypants has been my favourite loungewear brand for so many reasons. We all know how sweatpants are now my thing and this brand makes the most comfortable ones. A few weeks ago, Lazypants launched the most stylish activewear collection and I couldn’t wait to show you.

Best Summer 2020 Workout Outfit | Temps d'un Café
Best Summer 2020 Workout Outfit | Temps d'un Café

Comfortable, stylish and designed perfectly

They always come up with trendy colours but most importantly, a collection with an impeccable fit. Having a cute activewear outfit is fun but there is nothing worst than a bad fit. Especially when you go to the gym, you need something that holds everything together. The price point for their activewear collection is also reasonable. A full set will cost you around 180 CAD which is cheaper than Lululemon for example. In other words, this is the best summer 2020 workout outfit without a doubt.

Sunday mornings

First of all, you need to know that I don’t workout ever. I rather spend my time drinking coffee, eating pizza and having ice cream. Of course I’m not the best example out there but that doesn’t mean I have to stay away from cute activewear outfits. Sunday has always been my favourite day of the week and I’m very serious about my ritual. There’s nothing better than going to the Old Port to have a delicious brunch with friends. Sundays were made to relax and to make sure we start the week the right way. Therefore, a complex outfit is definitely not something I fancy on a Sunday morning. However, a cute and trendy sporty look is definitely the right choice!

Best Summer 2020 Workout Outfit | Temps d'un Café
Best Summer 2020 Workout Outfit | Temps d'un Café

How to wear a cute workout outfit

I guess my way of wearing a workout outfit is not the typical way and doesn’t scream “I just came back from the gym”. I wear my sports bra and shorts with an oversized blazer and white Supergas instead of runners. This way, I have a look slightly more put together and can actually walk around the city with no shame. Last tip, keep it trendy by adding a cute bucket hat to your outfit!

Since you’re not going to the gym, you can allow yourself with some makeup to get this flawless glowing skin we all want. For this kind of outfit, using a BB cream as a foundation can definitely be a good option depending on your skin. I like to create a very light contouring on my skin with the Filmstar Bronze & Glow Contour Duo from Charlotte Tilbury. Finish your look with a natural matte lipstick.

You are now ready to enjoy that brunch and look fabulous!


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