My camera equipment for Instagram and Youtube


Best camera equipment for Instagram and Youtube to create wonderful images and videos

A list of everything I use for blogging, pictures and videos

My best camera equipment for Instagram and Youtube seem to be a subject that many people discuss. In fact, I receive daily questions about my equipment but also what kind of apps I’m using to edit my pictures. I figured that a Youtube video and a full blog post would be the perfect opportunity to tell you everything about how I work.

Your pictures are so nice, how do you take them?

First of all, all my pictures are taken by the boyfriend. Yes ladies, I have an Instagram boyfriend and thank god! Of course he wasn’t a photographer but I slowly taught him the basics. To be completely honest, he still needs me to slightly guide him otherwise it would be a complete mess. However, I am very proud of his improvement and became amazing with framing and finding the best locations. The pictures I take on my blog are mostly my product shots or landscapes. Basically, any picture where I’m not in it was shot by me.

What do you use to edit your pictures?

Probably the question I get asked the most! Then again, this is probably the one question I’m always asking myself when scrolling down my favourites bloggers. Like any kind of fashion “influencers” out there, I have my own Lightroom presets. Presets are basically filters. With time, and many many hours, I was able to come up with a few presets on my own that I adjust depending on my pictures. Presets saved my life and I think anyone should have their own! If you want to know where you can get cheap and pretty presets, watch my video!

Best camera equipment for Instagram and Youtube

What camera do you use?

As mentioned in my video, the canon 5d Mark III is my everyday camera. This model is not very easy to find since the Canon 5d Mark IV replaced it. This camera is probably not the lightest and easiest to bring around but does incredible pictures. WITH THE RIGHT LENS, you will be able to create pictures out of a magazine. You’ve probably noticed how I insisted on your lens selection, which brings me to my next point.


Your lens is EVERYTHING. Without the right one, your results won’t be as good. Some people may believe that having a powerful body camera is the most important part, but it really isn’t. Choosing a high quality lens will change everything especially your final result. In other words, if you are on a budget, invest in a cheaper body camera but do not sacrifice your lens quality.

Apps and softwares

Even if this is a best camera equipment for Instagram and Youtube blog post, I couldn’t leave you without any information about my apps and softwares. I always edit my pictures with Lightroom CC and Photoshop. As mentioned earlier, I do everything based on a specific preset and take it from there. Sometimes, I will only edit with my phone using Snapseed and Unfold for fun photo montage. When it comes to video editing, which is not my favourite, I use Wondershare Filmora but will soon change for Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro.

best camera equipment | Instagram Youtube

Shot with the Canon 5d Mark III and Sigma 35 mm F/1.4 lens

Other accessories

This is something I did not mention in my video because I would have kept going for hours. This is the list of a few extra things I use to basically make a living.

13-inch Macbook Pro

The reason why my Macbook Pro is not as powerful is simply because I don’t need it to be. I specifically chose this Macbook to make sure I could travel with it easily. To make sure it doesn’t slow down, I only do simple retouching on this computer. I absolutely love this computer and enjoy the fact that its very light.

27‑inch iMac with Retina 5K display

We all have dreams, and this 27-inche iMac was one of them. I literally added all the options to make sure this iMac wouldn’t shut down while working on many projects at the same time. When I have intense editing in terms of videos or pictures, this is the computer I use. Of course it cost me A LOT but I’m planning on keeping it for a very long time! For me, buying this was like buying myself a Rolls Royce (kind of).

Sandisk 128GB Extreme pro c10

I have very bad experiences when it comes to memory cards. Because of that, I made sure to buy the right one for the kind of work I do. The Sandisk 128GB Extreme pro C10 allows you to film without any interruption but also will keep up with a powerful camera. I cannot tell you enough how important your memory card is, so do not neglect its quality.


Even if you have basic equipment, creativity has no limit! Try to have fun with your cameras or even just your phone. Lucky for us, we now have access to amazing apps for FREE. I hope you enjoyed my best camera equipment for Instagram and Youtube blog post and do not forget to watch the video!


If you want to see my trip to the Philippines where we used my usual equipment but added the Go Pro for some amazing underwater shots, click here

Best camera equipment for Instagram and Youtube

My Best camera equipment for Instagram and Youtube will help you create your own amazing pictures an videos!

It took me a little while to write this post and film this video but I’ve finally done it!


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My camera equipment for Instagram and Youtube