Best Black Leggings for Women


Best Black Leggings for Women in 2020 | Temps d’un Café

Best Black Leggings for Women in 2020 | Temps d’un Café and how to style them

The most basic item in a women’s wardrobe is probably a pair of black leggings. However, this very simple item is one of the most important in a woman’s life!

Best black leggings for women to workout (or not)

Best Black Leggings for Women in 2020 | Temps d'un Café

My favourite black leggings from Lazypants

My black leggings are probably one of the most basic, yet important item in my wardrobe. We can all agree that leggings became a fashion staple. However, for unknowns reasons, I’ve always seem to have a hard time finding the right pair for myself. Usually, the fit is off, the fabric not black enough, the length too long and the list goes on. Personally, my favourite kinds are the high waisted ones with a really tight elastic band at the waist to “keep things together”. If you were looking for the Best Black Leggings for Women in 2020, keep reading!

Best Black Leggings for Women in 2020 | Temps d'un Café

Finding the perfect fit for my black leggings

This is no secret that Lazypants has been on top of my list for the most comfortable sweatpants. I even filmed a whole video on how to style their pieces on my Youtube channel. After trying so many different sweatpants, hoodies and activewear, I can honestly tell you that this brand has everything you need. Lazypants came up with an amazing activewear collection in 2020 with fun colours but also some neutral basic pieces made with high end fabric. As I mentioned a few times before, the fit is always PERFECT and makes you look flawless. My problem is that some activewear brands make beautiful design but unfortunately, do not deliver on the actual fit. Like some 80$ Adidas leggings that made me look 20 pounds bigger – no thanks.

Best Black Leggings for Women in 2020 | Temps d'un Café

High waisted with a tight elastic band

Personally, I changing game in Lazypants leggings is the very tight waist elastic band that literally holds your life together. These leggings are so flattering that you will probably forget you’re wearing them! I was a bit skeptical since the band felt almost too tight at first. However, after wearing them so many times I can tell you that you fell fully comfortable in them. They’re also quite compressive on the legs, which gives you an amazing shape while moving freely. The fabric is also thick enough, so no see through leggings for you ladies!

Best Black Leggings for Women in 2020 | Temps d'un Café

The perfect length

One other reason why I struggled with finding the right leggings, was the length. I’m 5″4 and black leggings are often way too long for me. Since the Lazypants ones have ton of stretch, they kind of “adjust” themselves nicely depending on your height. Don’t be afraid of what they look right out of the box, they’re not as small as they seem. They will adjust themselves very nicely on you to finally become your second skin. Mine go all the way to the top of my ankle which is usually how I like them to be.

Best Black Leggings for Women in 2020 | Temps d'un Café

Making leggings look chic

Black leggings for women in 2020 are not just for a workout session or for a hike. Indeed, they can be a great alternative to wearing uncomfortable trousers or even jeans to the office. A simple cashmere sweater, an oversized blazer and a pair of nice boots can make you look polish and trendy. In case of doubt, wear an all black outfit. Black everything is the easiest but also the chicest option. I do think having boots to hide part of your legs help with the whole look. Your leggings suddenly become in vogue with a nice pair of high knee boots. Easy peasy!

Best Black Leggings for Women in 2020 | Temps d'un Café

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