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The truth about my skin

The truth about my skin

Since I've become VERY obsessed with my skin condition, offering you a beauty section seemed like a normal thing to do. Before all of that, I was not careful at all with my skin and I think people should be more aware of UV radiation and visible light. 

The truth about me

For almost 5 years, I was going to the tanning salon. Some people feel naked without make up, well I felt naked without a tan. I hated my natural skin colour (very pale) and going to the tanning salon was just part of my weekly routine. After a few months I started noticing dark spots on my skin, but that didn't stop me from going. 

After years, it was impossible for me to tan outside without tanning oil. My skin wasn't really doing anything much naturally, as if the sun wasn't strong enough for it to tan. That's when I started to notice that my skin was changing and I honestly started to get scared. You always hear about skin cancer but I feel like no one is really paying attention to the real damages. 

My dark spots were becoming more and more visible, my skin was changing and that's when I finally decided to improve my natural skin instead of hiding my imperfections. First of all, I do not have an even skin colour which drives me crazy! I also have a dark spot under my eye since I'm a kid that I hate (left eye). I also have a few scars which I can't do anything about for now. 

With time, I started to accept my natural skin colour and my dark spots and simply improve my skin as much as possible. 

Reading the little book of skincare from Charlotte Cho made me realize how we had to be REALLY careful with the sun. It will damage your skin if you do not protect it and you will also look older.  PROTECT YOUR SKIN. I am now a true believer that a sunscreen should be worn ALL YEAR LONG (Yes, even during winter!)

We all have imperfections, things that we hate but instead we should learn how to let go and accept the things we don't like. My dark spot under my eyes is something I truly hate but many people actually LOVE it (I don't even know why). So just be happy with yourself!

With all that being said, I am very shocked that tanning salons are not illegal. I do believe that not enough people are aware about the real damages and danger of UV. 

As for now, do not forget to protect your skin! Try to hide your skin as much as possible from direct sun as well. If you want more information, I strongly suggest the little book of skin care from Charlotte Cho. I was able to find really interesting information.

Kisses xo

(Missha SPF50+/PA+++ is the sunscreen I use) 

Buh-bye duties!

Buh-bye duties!

The Korean 10 step skin care routine

The Korean 10 step skin care routine