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The Korean 10 step skin care routine

The Korean 10 step skin care routine

Everything you need to know about the Korean 10 step skin care routine

The solution to keep your skin healthy and finally see some real changes

I have been trying this routine for a few weeks now and since I am more than happy with the result, I really wanted to share this new routine with you. I LOVE skin care products but they're sometimes very expensive. After hearing such amazing reviews about the Korean skin care routine, I absolutely needed to give it a try. 

Koreans are known to have an amazing skin and let's face it, they always look 10 years younger. I do know that using their products will not make me look younger but I can at least try to improve my natural skin as much as possible.

Dark spots and uneven skin tone are my number one problems at the moment. They are the main reasons why I started to get more interested about finding the perfect skin care routine for myself. 

I do this routine in the morning and at night. Once a week (usually on sundays) I will exfoliate my skin and do a sheet mask. You do not have to do these steps more than once a week. Also, as mentioned in the video, you should switch your moisturizer at night for a sleeping pack (once a week). 


It might sounds weird but seeing these affordable prices at first made me nervous. I often think that cheap products won't do the job (I was completely wrong). I purchased everything from sokoglam.com and got 13 products AND a book for a total amount of 250$ (CAD). I personally suggest you buying the book since the author (and owner of Soko Glam) explains in details each step and gives you lots of information about your skin. 


  • Step 1 Oil Cleanser from Banila (here)
  • Step 2 Water-Based Cleanser from Neogen (here)
  • Step 3 Exfoliator from Neogen (here)
  • Step 4 Toner from Son & Park (here)
  • Step 5 Essence from COSRX (here)
  • Step 6 Serums from Klairs (here)
  • Step 7 Sheet Mask from DR.JART+(here)
  • Step 8 Eye Cream from MISSHA (here)
  • Step 9 Moisturizer from COSRX (here)
  • Step 10 SPF from MISSHA (here

DOUBLE CLEANSE (Life changing) 

Some may argue that an oil cleanser will leave your skin greasy but believe me, it doesn't. As a first step, it actually feels amazing to have this texture on your skin. The water-based cleanser is the "normal" cleanser. Mine has green leaves at the bottom (yep, very fancy).

Since the oil cleanser will not clean your skin completely to perfection, finishing with a water-based cleanser will make sure your skin perfectly clean and prepared to absorb your serum, essence etc. 


Since my skin is really sensitive, I decided to go for a softer exfoliator without scrub in it. Scrubs are sometimes too harsh on the skin so these pads are actually very gentile and don't attack my skin. Do this step ONCE a week.


Some people use these 2 products for specific spots only, but since my skin needs full improvement, I've been using them all over my face. I will, however, use them in specific areas once my skin gets better. 


The one I used for this video is from DR.JART+ available at Sephora, but I also love the Hydro Fitting Snail Mask from Skin Food (available here). I use a sheet mask ONCE a week for 20 to 30 minutes while taking a power nap at the same time (win win!).  


Since my explanations are quite vague, I strongly suggest you The little book of skin care by Charlotte Cho. When I first started, I bought my whole kit on her website and bought the book to make sure I did everything right. Her explanations are amazing and she truly teaches you about the importance of protecting and taking care of your skin. 

If you have any questions about this routine or just want to say hello you can contact me here

P-S. For anyone who would want to purchase on www.sokoglam.com and wish to have 25% on their first order, you can send me an email and will send you a discount code! 

Let's be fabulous together!

Kisses xo

The truth about my skin

The truth about my skin