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Buh-bye duties!

Buh-bye duties!

Buh-bye duties, the perfect Canadian destination for K-Beauty

Sheet masks, oil cleanser, serum, toner and everything we need without paying extra fees

Taking care of my skin is a priority for me but it comes with a high cost sometimes. This past year, duties were taking my money like I've never seen before. The main reason why I was ordering online is simply because I couldn't find what I wanted in Montreal. We do have a couple of k-beauty stores, but I was not interested in them...their products were not something I was dying for. 

I am a BIG fan of Soko Glam but as I said, duties were too expensive. Many people told me the same thing so I simply decided to do a little research to find a good option in Canada. 

My main brands are usually Neogen, Cosrx, Son & Park, Banila Co. & Missha. I found a few online stores but again, nothing I wanted was available. After a few days I FINALLY found the perfect online store for my Korean products. Everything I wanted was there and even more. I went a bit crazy with the sheet masks but I truly believe you can never have too many of those.  They are located in Vancouver www.chuusi.ca


My go-to cleanser. I tried other brands and I just came back to this one. It will brighten and hydrate your skin, remove impurities, makeup and so on. My favourite water-based cleanser!


Toner, toner, toner. I tried regular rose water and so many others but I came back to this one. You can also use it as a refresher through the day if needed. I personally use it as an after-cleanse toner only. 


Lemon exfoliator from Neogen

Help your skin with hyperpigmentation with the Neogen lemon exfoliator

I am a BIG believer in exfoliation. I do think this step is very important but it's also crucial that you don't overdo it. I've never actually tried the lemon one (I had red wine before). I have lots of problems when it comes to pigmentation so apparently this one would be the best option for me. This product is seriously heaven and not harsh for my skin. It exfoliates your skin SO well and you truly see a difference right after.

Banila.Co Clean it Zero oil cleanser 

Wash your sensitive skin with the Banila.Co Clean it Zero oil cleanser to gently remove impurities 

BANILO CO. oil cleanser...life saver. I use this cleanser after my water based cleanser//Essence: whitening power essence from COSRX. I had a hard time finding this one since Soko Glam removed it for some reason. This is probably the one thing that truly helped me last year with my pigmentation problems. I do think you should invest in that product (not expensive at all). 

If you wish to purchase these goodies go to www.chuusi.ca...I believe they ship worldwide but Canadians should definitely buy from them instead of purchasing in the US or other countries that will destroy your wallet with fees.


Darphin Paris

Darphin Paris

The truth about my skin

The truth about my skin