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A woman best friend or worst ennemy

Discover our daily beauty choices on le Temps d’un Café to help you with your daily routine. It has an important part in our lives and plays a huge role. From having a routine for your face, body or even hair, it is something we can struggle with sometimes. This section was created so you can find everything about my own personal routine. You will find my favourite products, routines, recipes and so much more.

Overwhelming to say the least

We certainly have too many options on the market at the moment. As a result, we buy too much for absolutely no reason and I used to have the same problem. However, I think it’s important to find a few products that works for you, without getting crazy. Each skin is completely different and needs a special and unique care. Once you found what works with you, stick to it! Sometimes, doing less is better than doing too much. I do believe that mixing way too many products can actually be worst for your skin. My routine has many skincare products, but I stick to the same products for a long time.

Natural vs chemical

This is a very important debate for so many. Are we better off with natural products rather than chemical ones? Well, my answer to this is very simple, mix them both! I have a few products 100% natural that I absolutely love and other non natural products just as good. Mixing these 2 can be quite amazing for your skin. For example, when my skin gets red or reacts badly to the weather, I apply some calendula oil before going to bed. This natural oil will leave your skin perfect and smooth the next morning! My point is, you can find goods from both world.

Can’t we just make our own products?

Yes and no. You can definitely make some homemade mask or even cream. However, when it comes to serum, I really don’t recommend doing it at home. Serum needs special care and calculations since we are mixing chemicals together. You need to be aware about temperature or how to mix these ingredients in order for you to create something that works. This is the main reason why serums are very expensive. They do need a professional to create and make them. Therefore, you might be applying something homemade on your skin that will actually makes everything worst for you.

Listen to yourself and body

In other words, just do you and choose what works for YOU!

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