My Entire Aquazzura Shoes Collection & Review


My Aquazzura shoes collection and review

5 reasons why Aquazzura became my favourite luxury designer for shoes

My Aquazzura shoes collection and review | Le Temps d'un Café

Ladies, today is an important day since I am FINALLY showing you my whole Aquazzura shoes collection. I got many questions about them and the most popular one was: Is it worth the money?! If you want to see my collection and hear a review on each one of them, watch my latest Youtube video. But for now, let me tell you why I fell in love with this brand so much!

Despite the higher price point, Aquazzura lasts for a very long time

Yes, these luxury heels come with a price, and not a nice one. However, I’ve always felt like they were part of my “investment” pieces. Not because they’ll worth more in a few year, but because you’ll be wearing them for a very long time. In fact, I’ve had my first pair 5 years ago and I am still wearing them every summer. Of course some of my Aquazzura shoes collection has some very funky heels, but funny enough, they do not go out of style. To be honest, every year I find a new way to wear my heels in the most trendy way possible.

My Aquazzura shoes collection and review | Le Temps d'un Café

Aquazzura is basically Artwork on your feet

I never buy something for the brand. Actually, when I buy something, I actually like/love it. If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while, you know how I dress from many different stores. Wearing only famous designers has never been something I believed in. In other words, I don’t care what your name is, if I don’t like it, I’ll never wear it. However, Aquazzura might be VERY famous but they actually know what they’re doing. They know how to create pieces of art that are just so unique and breathtaking. What I love about this brand is how unique each collection is. You truly feel the passion and dedication in every season.

You might end up buying the same pair as your favourite actress

Hollywood also fell in love with these designs. Edgardo Osorio, the founder of Aquazzura actually understood what women wanted. He was able to create heels for literally every kind of women but with one particular goal. Helping women with their confidence by making them feel beautiful and unique.

My Aquazzura shoes collection and review | Le Temps d'un Café

The Italian luxury shoe brand actually makes comfortable heels

One thing that I find very hard is to actually find the perfect heels that won’t kill you. If you compare them to Christian Louboutin, where you basically want to scream every second, Aquazzura is HEAVEN. It’s basically the brand I choose when I’m going out for a very long time. As I mentioned in my video, some of my Aquazzura hurt a little bit more but are not that painful.

If you don’t care about wearing last season collection, Aquazzura goes on sale OFTEN

Yep, they go on sale and I’m not talking a 15% off discount code. We’re talking about 40% to 60% off ladies! You’re probably wondering how, when, why, where?! MatchesFashion, my favourite online destination for luxury, ALWAYS has a sale going on. And yes, Aquazzura always has a selection of items on sale which is the reason why I refuse to pay full price for them. I patiently wait for them to be cheaper since I’m never looking for something specific.


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My Entire Aquazzura Shoes Collection & Review