YSL Pur Couture



Walking down the streets of Marylebone wearing my new lipstick from YSL made me feel flawless. The perfect touch to add a little bit of colour to my white outfit. YSL Pur Couture collection is full of life and vivid colours which I enjoy. Since I rarely wear foundation, blush or any kind of make up, having a bright lipstick is a must.

Bellami hair extension to finish your look

I have short hair since I have a really hard time making them grow. Since I tried everything, looking for extensions just seemed like the last option. I made sure to have a look into the best brands and read lots of reviews to choose the right brand. I’ve finally decided to purchase the 22 inches extensions from Bellami hair and I can’t believe how amazing they make me feel! Bellami hair is a brand based in the USA and you can purchase everything online. I was lucky enough to have my colour right the same time but they can send you samples to make sure you choose the right colour for your hair. Since the extensions didn’t fit my hair perfectly, I headed to the most amazing hairdresser in London Peter GHAZIRI, He was able to cut my extension so that my Bellami hair extensions and real hair fit perfectly togehter. I am so happy to walk around my Bellami hair and YSL Pur Couture orange lipstick!

Top and skirt from Zara//Heels from Christian Louboutin