Tessora Spring 2018

Tessora Spring 2018

The Flora Dress

Can we all agree that this dress is just wonderful and perfection? I tend to stay away from off the shoulder dresses since they usually fall off quite easily, but not the Flora dress from Tessora Spring 2018. I looked like a doll walking around and stealing, once again, someone else’s front door.

For once, I asked permission and ended up meeting 2 wonderful women who welcomed me not just in front of their house but in their BEAUTIFUL backyard. Taking pictures around the world gives me the opportunity to meet amazing people and these 2 women reminded me how lucky I am to do what I do! (Thank you xo)

The Flora Dress made of cotton for your sensitive skin!

Going back to the Flora dress from Tessora Spring 2018, you will soon realize how easily we can wear the collection. Tessora is a clothing brand from beautiful San Francisco. I’ve always dreamt of going there but since it has not been possible so far, I decided to own a little piece of San Francisco in my wardrobe. They have the most unique kind of dresses for summer and I just can’t get enough of them. Many of their garments are made of cotton which I enjoy for warmer days.

Take a look at their beautiful website here and thank me later! Kisses xo


All pictures taken by the lovely Laura G. Diaz

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