Recreo San Miguel, The Pink Wool Belted Vest

Recreo San Miguel, a brand from Mexico

The Pink Wool Belted Vest

The first item I saw from Recreo San Miguel’s collection was a perfect silk dress completely open in the back (available here). I know many brands but I’ve never seen a brand so delicate and elegant. I spent hours on their website seeing their different collections noticing that silk wasn’t the only thing available. In fact, they have lots of natural materials such as cashmere, linen, alpaca, cotton and so on. This wool crepe belted pink vest really got my attention since I never wear this fabric. I’ve wore it as a dress only and as a vest with oversized trousers. Recreo San Miguel is very unique and you do stand out wearing their clothes which is crucial for my personal style.

Inspired by its origin San Miguel

Recreo is definitely inspired by its origin, San Miguel. The different textures and mix of colours make you feel like you belong to a beautiful country in Latin America, a place full of treasures.

Take a look at their amazing garments here.

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 The wool crepe belted vest available here The wool crepe belted vest available here