Pilgrim, a handmade brand from Denmark

Pilgrim Jewellery, a handmade & 14K gold plated brand from Denmark.


Hypoallergenic, affordable and stylish, Pilgrim Jewellery will become a favourite for all of your outfits!

Established in Denmark in 1983, this company has been around for over 35 years. They first started by selling their amazing fashion jewellery at music festivals in their homeland and soon became popular all around the world.

Sensitive skin? Pilgrim Jewellery was made for you!

If like me you suffer from very sensitive skin, this is definitely the one brand I would suggest for you. Earrings are something I can NEVER wear, gold or not. My ears react after 10-15 seconds and a weird reaction happens right away. I tried many many brands to find THE one but, unfortunately, gave up and simply decided not to wear any type of jewellery.

You might have noticed that my outfits never have accessories other than a purse, sunglasses and the same gold ring on my left hand. Now you understand why!

I am aware that many girls have the same problem, which is a shame because we all love accessories so so much.

Earrings that will leave your ears in perfect condition

Before posting about this brand, I wanted to make sure that the hype was real, so I did a simple test. I decided to wear a pair of earrings, gifted to me by the brand, for a whole day. Imagine my reaction when nothing happened after a minute. My skin wasn’t reacting at all and seemed perfectly fine. After wearing them after a whole day, I honestly couldn’t believe that my ears didn’t react at any moment during the day.

BUT, I still wanted to make sure that it wasn’t some sort of luck, so I went and try a new pair (the one you see in my pictures). And again, same thing happened, well I mean, nothing happened! My ears were perfectly fine, once again. So yes, I can definitely recommend this brand to you if you have sensitive skin.

Hypoallergenic with beautiful unique designs & affordable

Yes, Pilgrim Jewellery is hypoallergenic, but that doesn’t mean that their designs are boring with no taste. They take a lot of time to design each item and it really shows in every collection.

Did I mention how affordable this brand is? Pilgrim Jewellery is not just beautiful, it is also reasonably priced for what you get. Their prices vary between 15 to 80 Canadian Dollar for a jewellery, which is amazing for such a good quality product.

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