The perfect key charm from Burberry



Meet Thomas Burberry, my new best friend, purchased in London Heathrow Terminal 2! Many of you might already know that London is my city and everything related to it makes me happy. Well, Burberry is definitely my happy land and since I have a weird obsession with Teddy Bears, a cashmere key charm from my favourite brand seemed like a normal purchase. The perfect key charm from Burberry is without a doubt, the one with the studs. They will make your unique, elegant and timeless leather purse even more precious than it already is. One thing I LOVE about Burberry is their simplicity and the Banner in leather and house check bag is the perfect example. However, I did feel like it needed a little touch and couldn’t think of anything until I saw Thomas Burberry in a soft cashmere and covered with fancy gold studs. It literally changed the look of the bag and it became suddenly THE bag to have in my wardrobe.

Is paying 500$ a key charm complete madness?

Let me ask myself that question again: Is paying 500$ a key charm complete madness? Well, not really since I bought it at the airport and got this bag and key charm tax free. Technically, I paid for the bag and got the key charm for free! Yes, that’s how my head thinks and to be completely honest, it is a bit crazy but so worth it! This is the perfect key charm from Burberry and its name is Thomas Burberry, sorry but you can’t really ask for more.

Burberry: Practical and timeless

I truly think you can never go wrong with Burberry, since their items are never old and ugly. I was in London looking for the perfect handbag since I usually buy stupid colours that don’t go with anything. For once in my life, I wanted to purchase something slightly more expensive but practical. The kind of handbag you can throw with almost every outfit for winter. Please note that the Burberry Banner leather and house beck bag is my winter bag. I have a bag for every season, call me crazy.

Since I like to walk a lot and wear comfortable outfits in the winter, a small bag was much needed. Nothing too heavy, nothing too tiny, but just the right amount of everything to create the perfect bag. Once again, Burberry seemed like the best option of them all.

After my first designer key charm, I believe every high end handbag should have a matching a key charm!

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