Pastel Rita, a retro coffe shop in Montreal

Pastel rita, the perfect retro coffee shop in Montreal

Go back to the 70’s at Pastel Rita, the perfect retro coffee shop in Montreal with the nicest handmade hats

Waking up on a Sunday morning makes me very happy, light and fresh! My favourite ritual on this important day is to discover new coffee shops wherever I am.

This last Sunday was no exception and despite the really bad weather in Montreal, it was for us, surrounded by pastel colours and happiness!

A retro space that will make you see “La vie en Rose”

Pastel Rita, a retro coffee shop located in Montreal, will make you travel back to the 70’s, my favourite era for interior design.

As you already know, pink is an important colour for me that is part of my daily life. Seeing a space with pink chairs, pink wall, pink tables made me really understand what “La vie en Rose” truly meant.

As you may have noticed, I tend to match my outfit with the decor and made no exception this time. Wearing a new collection from Solito, this Flora Easy dress had all the colours I needed to fit it.

Pastel Rita x Heirloom Hats, a combination made in heaven

This space has also an amazing studio for handmade hats created by Samantha-Tara Mainville. Designer for her brand, Heirloom Hats, her designs are made with the best technique possible and also the best materials for high quality products. Spending my morning trying their collection we decided to capture everything in a small vintage video while listening to Brigitte Bardot.

Where should we go next!?

N xo