One Hundred Stars



When you have a blog, you are constantly looking for unique brands for your followers. I try to go shopping to new places to make sure I keep up with new labels all the time. When I was in London last month, I fell in love with a London based handmade brand, One Hundred Stars. Their collection consists of printed scarves, kimonos, kurtas, pants and the most beautiful gowns.

They also have a travel collection with printed fabrics showing maps from different cities. This part of the collection really got me since travelling is a big part of my life. I got the Paris maps trousers and scarf for my trip to Thailand next month and I cannot wait to show you how I wear them.

But for now, let’s focus on this timeless Botanical Gown…a light flowy fabric with an amazing pattern, can you really ask for more? As many of you may already know, I tend to go out wearing my pyjama and I make no exception when it comes to kimonos/gowns. You can wear them at home when you have people over, or out as a statement piece. The handmade imperfections truly show the hard work behind every item and that’s one other reason why I love this brand so much. Wearing One Hundred Stars makes you feel unique, feminine, elegant and well, like a star. I mean, have you seen this gorgeous gown?


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