Jutka and Riska Fake fur jacket




Wearing a fake fur jacket is not a common thing for me. I will admit something, I do wear real fur and I find it really hard to get rid of them! But I’ve recently came across a few fake fur jackets that were absolutely gorgeous! Since I spent most of my time on H&M online store, they made me enjoy this weird cozy Vegan look. I’m starting to think that real fur is so 2000 and wearing a fake fur jacket is the cool thing.

Jutka & Riska

I am currently working on a quick Antwerp travel guide for you but couldn’t wait to tell you about one of my favourite store in Belgium, Jutka & Riska. Oh, it is my favourite since I used to go to Belgium for a day just to shop there (so yes, we can call it my favourite store).  Jutka & Riska has a GREAT vintage section (YSL, Céline, Escada etc.), I’ve collected amazing pieces through the years by going there once in a while.

As you may have noticed, I like my posts to be about heels, dresses and very feminine outfits. I decided to give you something slightly different this time to give you more options for this winter. Something a bit more realistic for the kind of weather we have at the moment.

Fact about myself: I am obsessed with Vans! I honestly think they make every outfits look good. I wear Vans since a young age and I can’t get enough.

Wide leg trousers and trainers are not always an option for me since I’m quite small (5″4…well, almost), but wearing this outfit with a big fake fur jacket makes you forget about the whole height issue.

Who said princesses couldn’t wear trainers?


Antwerp has a special place in my heart for very personal reasons. I always like to go back there because it feels amazing to be in that city. After a long year working very hard to finish my diploma in Fashion Design, it seemed like the perfect destination to take some time off. I noticed that I am probably the only one in my entourage obsessing over Antwerp. Many people do not get the hype but I strongly thing Antwerp has so many things to offer, and yes fashion is definitely one of them. Lots of people tend to forget that amazing and famous designers come from Belgium. Also, Antwerp has a very unique aesthetic in architecture that I find breathtaking. You can also visit this city during Christmas and it won’t feel as crowded as Paris or London. Do yourself a favor and book a ticket to Antwerp as soon as possible!

T-Shirt from Jutka & Riska