Notting Hill



We all know London’s weather is often very frustrating for many of us. Well, this time, the city made no exception for me and decided to be cold and rainy for most of my trip. So when you get ONE sunny day, you take out your camera and head to Notting Hill for a lovely afternoon with your BFF. Yes, Notting Hill from Julia Robert’s movie. I kept stealing people’s front door to make sure we capture the right moment…and we did, in the middle of the street while a car was waiting for my picture to be taken…sorry mate!

Spending the day in Notting Hill will make you question if you made the right decision by living somewhere else. West London is the perfect place for pilates, pressed juice kind of women. As much as I wish I could be all that all, pizza wins everytime (sorry). On a more serious note, Notting Hill is the perfect place to bike around, brunch at Granger & Co, go for a shopping session with your bestie and be posh and fabulous.

My favourite breakfast at Granger & Co

On a side note, make sure to order the ricotta hotcake at Granger & co, a cappuccino with oat milk AND a matcha latté with oat milk to end your perfect breakfast. Head to Bimba & Lola if you want to find unique and fun pieces to add to your wardrobe. Their prices are actually not that bad but I would suggest you wait for their amazing sales.

The best afternoon tea in Marylebone, London

FitIf you are looking for an amazing Afternoon Tea in London, I strongly suggest the Langham Hotel in the Palm Court room. Take a look at my Instagram post to see what they served us and click on my London highlights to see all of it!

Apparently, London’s weather has been quite nice since I left, what a shame. I still enjoy going back to my second home and there is no better place than London.

Kisses xo