Favourites destination in Antwerp



My favourites destination in Antwerp for the weekend revolve around restaurants, cafes and an amazing B&B full of history and art. As a mentioned in my earlier post, I fell in love in my with Antwerp a few years ago when I was really into the vintage scene. Antwerp ended up being the best destination for timeless and unique designer garments. Since I’ve been coming for quite some time now, Instagram had not seen the light yet so finding cool places was a headache sometimes.

Antwerp, a destination to free your mind

If you want a destination where you can visit without any rush the city and walk around peacefully, then I strongly suggest Antwerp. Just a few days before Christmas, where you usually see a crowd running around everywhere to find gifts for their loved ones, Antwerp will be calm and quiet. You can easily find a nice coffee shop, sit down and enjoy a nice book.

Where to stay in Antwerp

B&B De Witte Nijl: I have seen lots of hotels in my life but I will always remember this one in particular. As soon as you walk inside,  you have the impression to be in Africa or the jungle at the some point. Two men were there the whole time, probably the nicest  people I met in Belgium so far. The first day we came in, they were very welcoming and accommodating for us since we came earlier than expected. They gave us a map and told us about the city to get around easily.

I still remember our reaction when he first opened the door to our Junior Suite. A gorgeous white room with very high ceilings and beautiful furnitures. I completely fell in love when I saw the big door for our private balcony. The bathroom was always exactly what we needed to make sure our stay was going to be relaxing and refreshing.

We used to wake up around 9 and go downstairs for breakfast. Everything was made in front of us and tasted great. From their homemade tuna salad, to the amazing Chèvre Chaud, it was simply impossible to be disappointed.

P-S. Their coffee is great!

Where to shop in Antwerp

I can spend an entire paragraph telling you about fashion in Antwerp. This city has  honestly so many nice places it is quite unbelievable. My favourites were:

Graanmarkt 13 (Boutique & Restaurant)// Expensive but definitely worth a detour for your eyes!

Essentiel Antwerp//One of my favourite brand from Belgium. Full of colours and patterns, I am completely in love with this brand.

Essentiel Antwerp Outlet//If you think Essentiel is slightly over budget, head to their outlet store to grab an amazing item at a great price!

Jutka & Risaka//If you want to have the most amazing vintage designer item at a good price, this is the one place you want to go to!

Stay Antwerp// A boutique bar. I fell in love with this store and you should definitely visit. You can shop, drink coffee and brunch (Heaven or what?) They also have an online shop so everyone’s happy!

Wearing a vintage cashmere sweater from Yves Saint-Laurent (Jutka & Riska)

Where to eat

Vitrin (Coffee shop)//Small and cosy, the perfect place to read a book or work while having a great coffee)

Dansing chocola//When it’s cold outside and you need a big hot meal. The interior design is definitely very unique. (Picture above)

Kaffeenini Espresso Bar//Have the “Fenchel flammkuchen” you will not be disappointed!

Wasbar//Who thought having the best Chai Latte would be around washing machines? (Next picture)

Mattina//Fresh, simple and cute. Grab a tomato soup and a tuna sandwich to go. The perfect meal to eat in your bed while watching a movie. (Trust me on that one)