Bisou Bisou Store

Bisou Bisou Store


Bisou Bisou Store, an easy to wear Taiwan brand

Looking for cute and affordable outfits? Bisou Bisou store will come to the rescue if you were looking for an online shopping destination for a new wardrobe. They definitely have some amazing easy-to-wear options with great prices. They also have a bridal collection which is great if you are looking for a gown or something more classy. I completely fell in love with that store when I saw the cutest mini skirts, shirts, trousers and ugh…well everything is cute and perfect. Bisou Bisou Store is located in Taiwan, which explains why their selection is always on point. I have to admit that it’s sometimes hard to get your hand on some items since many pieces get sold out really easily (which is a good thing for them obviously).

Blair Waldorf might approve, since sneakers are a no no

I know wearing sneakers and boyish looking outfits are part of the trend but I am a Blair Waldorf believer and headbands and cute shirts will always win. Bisou Bisou Store offers a variety of clothing that is very feminine which why I love them so much. I literally love looking like a little doll, it makes me really happy. I know some might argue that grown up outfits are better but…nop, let me be a kid. If you are still wondering, I am still wearing headbands and I am not ashamed of it!

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