Philippines Travel Guide



While I was writing the first part of this blog in Cebu City, I was afraid that I would not gather enough information for you. First of all, make sure to organise your trip really well before going to the Philippines.

Wifi connection is not always easy to find, so be sure to book everything in advance and print your itinerary! A good thing is also to buy a local sim card once you get there to get connection when it is available.

This trip was quite time consuming in terms of preparation but I’m glad we took the time to prepare everything.

Mactan Island

First stop: Cebu City

My first destination was Cebu City. I spent the first 3 days doing literally nothing since the flight made me really really tired. I took a small Airbnb at the LOT 8 Condominium with a tiny kitchen to cook myself some meals instead of always going out.

I was buying most of my food at Rustang Market in the Ayala Center. I usually enjoy eating outside when I am travelling but I was a bit disappointed in terms of food.

Since I do not eat meat, finding cheap and good places in the streets was almost impossible.

I strongly suggest you use Uber when you’re in Cebu City since it’s quite cheap and very convenient. For my first activity, we took a private boat to Mactan and ended up on a small Island where we swimmed in a beautiful turquoise water.

We also had a small but delicious meal on the Island cooked for us with amazinnnggg mangos.

2nd stop: Kawasan Falls & Oslob

These are the 2 destinations I wanted to visit the most. We left Cebu City with a private driver around 6:30 in the morning and arrived at 10 in the morning at Kawasan Falls. SO disappointed when I saw all these people in the water.

You could barely move in the water and it was impossible to take pictures. Kawasan Falls has 3 different falls but the most popular is the first one. Instead of staying there, I headed directly to the last one hoping to see less people.

Kawasan falls, welcome to the unicorn world

I was walking in the jungle with the most beautiful water and butterflies flying everywhere around me! It felt like a movie and I kept repeating that it was like Lilo & Stitch! I stayed a few hours and decided to go to Moalboal (by car).

We found a private boat that brought us to an island where we saw really big turtles! I was swimming in the middle of the ocean during sunset.

At 7pm, we decided to go directly to Oslob for the whale watching. We finally found a hotel on the way and I completely fell in love with it. We stayed at the Down South 118, which was a 10 minutes car drive from the whale watching.

The staff was amazing and the ocean was in front of our room.

We arrived at 5:30 in the morning for the whale watching and the place was already PACKED. I thought I was going to hate the experience but once you’re in the water and you see the whale shark, you forget everything around you.

You need to know that I am really scared when it comes to the ocean so before going there, I was literally shaking. The whale sharks are the sweetest creatures and once you see them, you can only get excited! If you go to the Philippines, you have to do it.

Since I felt like I didn’t do Kawasan Falls properly, we decided to stay one more day to wake up early the next morning and see them again.

But this time, we took a bus in front of the Down South Hotel and headed directly to Kawasan Falls. The best thing is, the ride was only 40 pesos which is around 1.20 Canadian Dollar (deal)! Oh, and our bus had AC and a Jackie Chan movie (Double deal)!

Wearing a bikini from H&M and Overseas Jewelry on my foot

Whale Shark and I having a serious conversation

Down South 118 Beach Resort

Kawasan Falls, the unexpected happened

Unfortunately for us, a huge storm happened that night and we realised that so many things were broken. The water was all of a sudden brown and not turquoise anymore. Bridges and tables were broken, the water was so fast that a tree was literally stuck in one of the bridges.

It was actually dangerous to go but I needed to see the damages. The most popular fall was completely brown and had lots of broken things around it. I couldn’t believe the difference between what we had seen the day before and after the storm! I still wanted one picture as a little souvenir for you guys! (see below)

I would suggest that you stay more than one night at Kawasan Falls to make sure you fully enjoy this place. Having a room just in front of it was also very convenient for us!

We had one last breakfast at Matutinao Beach Resort and headed back to Cebu City in a local bus….Very cheap ride once again, but I spent the trip on the floor next to the driver this time, without AC.

Still fun though! Just so you know, the Matutinao Beach Resort completely changed and everything is brand new and really nice! I wasn’t able to find new pictures of the place on the internet.

You’re literally in front of Kawasan Falls and the staff is really amazing. We paid 90$ for a night which is not that expensive for the location.

Wearing a bodychain from Daughters of Raw

The next day I was so tired, I decided to go to Ayala Mall next to my condo.

If you want a good coffee place go to Treat Street Café and grab a cappuccino with a red velvet cake! So good and delicious. I also had a wonderful lunch date at The Café Laguna Garden Café outside of the mall.


Beautiful restaurant:

Café Laguna Garden Café

Coffee shop:

Treat Street Café in Ayala Center Mall

If you need a good wifi connection:

Tom n Tom Café

Mexican food when you’e hungry but don’t have too much money to spend:

El macho Tacos

Beauty products:

SKIN FOOD store in Ayala Mall


From Oslob to Kawasan Falls: Take a bus to Bato Terminal and a second bus from Bato to Kawasan Falls. Always ask people, they will help you find the right bus and let you know when your stop arrives.

Kawasan Falls to Cebu City: Take a bus just in front of Kawasan Falls to Cebu City (yellow bus). This bus will bring you to a terminal in Cebu city where you can easily order a Uber to get around the city.