Welcome to my fashion lifestyle blog!

Welcome to my fashion lifestyle blog!

Here you will find everything from what's inspiring me, my favourite trends and all about my travels. Follow along to keep up with my latest fashion lifestyle finds. 


A fashion lifestyle blog inspired by the whole world

Le Temps d’un Café is a top fashion lifestyle blog created in 2013 in London. Le Temps d’un Café is a digital content representation of my everyday life and personal interests. Everything from my daily activities like “where to get the best cup of coffee” kind of thing. My goal, as a fashion blogger, is to help you with your daily outfits and give you some inspiration. I created my fashion lifestyle blog to help all kinds of women around the world. Blogging has always been part of my life and I am so happy to share my tips and trick with you. With time, I learned where to shop, what to wear, but also how to dress the smart way.

A Canadian fashion lifestyle blog for your daily inspiration

Le Temps d’un Café is about the latest trends but also about making fashion accessible for everyone. This fashion platform will become your favourite online destination for many reasons. On my blog, you will find articles like “Simple tips to get ready faster in the morning“. Or “The Ultimate guide for your clothing rack“. Instead of following the trend, Le Temps d’un Café creates them. I get inspired by YOU ladies which is why this blog is a reflection of all the women I met in my life. Since I am a Montrealer, I’ve been taught on how to dress comfortably as well as being trendy and unique. 

When you have a fashion lifestyle blog, it’s important to offer you a broad variety of content — most notably home, travel, beauty, food, recipes, fashion, makeup, design and decor. Having a fashion lifestyle requires an impeccable aesthetic in every aspect of your life. Therefore, we created a world of our own with pretty things everywhere. 

Go make yourself a delicious cup of coffee because you have some reading to do! Welcome to the family darling!